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Mandolin Salad

Mandoline saladd

I have discovered a trick !!!! I borrowed a mandolin slicer/Japanese slicer from my mother (Now I have to go get one for myself) and was playing around with it. I discovered my family likes salad and raw veggies better if they are thinly sliced. I do not know why but they tend to rave over salads I make where I thinly slice the veggies. Well if that is all it takes to get my family to eat more veggie, I can do that. I make cucumber salads tossed in homemade greek yogurt, fresh herbs and salt and pepper. Another is mushroom and fennal bulb salad drizzled with a little hazelnut oil and shavings of romano. This salad is sliced orange and red tomatoes, raw zucchini from the garden, three kinds of basil (lemon, Thai and cinnamon), nasutrshum flowers, drizzled with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. I severed it with mini fresh mozzarella balls ($2.00, from the grocery outlet, yeah !!!) on the side. 

Another trick, about the zucchini, if you use fresh, young zucchini it is wonderful raw. Also you can use the slicer on a food processor but it will not give you the thin slices like the mandolin. So consider add this tool to your Christmas wish list xoxoxo


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sweet cottage dreams

I have seen Martha Stewart use one and thought "what a cool tool!" (I still don't own one...but you have inspired me to do so!)
The salad looks fabulous!!!! Cheese is that cheap at G.O.? I need to go shopping there move often.



Your the picture of your salad is beautiful and looks delicious. We like our veggies sliced thin also.


Wow...that looks so yummy!!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I will! Your salad looks yummy! How do you make your homemade greek yogurt? I saw one recipe where I think you use regular yogurt put it in some muslin or something and let it drip in a bowl and what you have left is greek yogurt? That's all I remember!



Oh, wow. Something for me to look for, as I am sure my two-year-old granddaughter would be a more willing vegetable eater if I could just get them sliced thinly.

Well, I CAN always hope!


Dear Clarice,

Your salad looks so delicious and pretty. How wonderful to use zucchini from your own garden! I love the veggie combinations you shared.
Love, Paula


That is beautiful and looks yummy. Can I have a bite? :-)

I have a mandolin I will send you. I think it's a Pampered Chef. Don't go buy one! (You know me and garage sales!)


And always use the guard, always, always!


Looks yummy! I love raw zucchini.

Jill xoo


you are so good!!! It looks wonderful!! Yum! and healthy ! You go girl! Mica


Dear Clarice,

Num! I have a mandolin, but have to keep it hidden and out of my little Frankie's reach for now :). And he has quite a reach!

We'll have to slice some zucchini when he's napping sometime. Have you tried a spiralizer yet?



Lavender Dreams

My hubby loves little kitchen gadgets! We'll look for one! Your salad is beautiful!


Dear Clarice,

That looks delicious! I love summer when you can use so many fresh veggies in your meals! Enjoy!



Sounds very healthy! Will have to go to Function Junction or William Sonoma and see if I can get my mittens on one! I have been solely operating with a food processor with a slicing blade...I don't know what I've been missing! You did a beautiful job with the salad. Does your family know how lucky they are??? Just checking!

Smiles, Nancy


Looks like a great salad...yum..Dianntha

Gumbo Lily

This looks SO delicious! I find that thinly sliced veggies work best for my crew too. I sometimes use a potato peeler to thinly slice carrot. I think I would love a mandolin slicer too. Thanks for sharing your food ideas.


Sharon D.

That looks wonderful and so refreshing Clarice! Yum! I would love to eventually get a Mandolin someday. I do have a cheaper one that works okay but one from Williams-Sonoma would be even better :)

Have a great day!


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