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Tasha Tudor Day, 2009

Chefs On The Farm


I got a very fascinating book from the library Chefs On The Farm by Shannon Borg and Lora Lea Misterly. It talks about the Quillisascut Farm School Of Domestic Arts, a working farm and dairy. The book describes each season and the work of the farm. I enjoy it and there were some inspiring recipes. There is also pantry recipes with each season. I looked around on-line a found these four recipes from the book.

Also a reminder Tasha Tudor day is Friday xoxoxo

 Cardamom–Apple Stuffed French Toast with Cider Syrup

Chicken Stew with Ricotta Chive Dumplings

Spelt Granola

Ricotta Gnocchi with Sibley Squash, Pears and Sage


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Amanda Noelle

I have this cookbook, and I must say the chicken stew with ricotta dumplings came out very dense. So err on the side of caution when making them, the cornmeal really makes them difficult to eat.

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

Just when I am downsizing my books and cookbooks you spring this one on me! :)

This looks wonderful and the recipes sound perfect for the cooler weather we are having. Thank you so much for the recommendation and recipes :)

Have a lovely day and thanks for visiting :)



Dear Clarice,
I appreciate your recommendation of this book, I will certainly be looking it up at our library. The photo reminded me of a Tasha Tudor photo how lovely to scroll down and see your mention of her! I will certainly be celebrating her life on Friday with a cup of tea while my hand made beeswax candles are lit on the table beside me.


I recently saw this book at the book store and spent quite a few minutes looking through it. I thought it looked like a wonderful book, and one that I would enjoy owning someday. 'Til then, I'll check and see if our library has it too.


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for sharing. The cookbook sounds so fabulous! Thanks for including the links, too.
Love, Paula

Tracey McBride

Hi Clarice! This sounds so intriguing!! It reminds me of the Carla Emery book from the seventies (I bought it from a yard sale in the early nineties and still use it). Also, will try to remember Tasha Tudor day!!! More soon. Love,



Sounds like there are some good recipes in the cookbook.
Thanks for sharing.

Junie Moon

Thanks for sharing the info about the book, I didn't know about it. Sounds great!

Thanks for reminding me about Tasha Tudor Day this Friday. I've been working on a post but actually forgot the exact date -- my brain cells are falling out from all the fun I'm having this summer, I guess.


Dear Clarice,

The book looks fascinating~I'll have to add it to my list! Thanks for the Tasha Tudor Day reminder, too. It's so nice to have kindred spirits who will be celebrating her day, too.



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