Happy 4th
Do You Like It ???

Things I Love


Entry in May 

One of my new favorite blogs Na-Da Farm Life and her Na-Da Farm Potager

A Number Of Things paper dolls. Alice is soo talented, you will love these.

This recipe for make your own strawberry lemonade concentrate, thank you Lorrie we LOVED this. We are going to make more for the freezer xoxox

By the way I just threw in all the ingredients in the blender and did not heat it up. The sugar (I used regular sugar) melted just fine.

T-shirt Twist

Youtube of the Hallmark movie  The Magic Of Ordinary Life, thank you Paula for telling me about it.

Homemade shampoo

image form Na-Da Farm


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Thank you for the blog recommendations --- so yummy to visit new blogs!

Enjoy a wonderful week-end, Clarice (although I know your week-end is just past, go ahead and enjoy another). Hopefully it's not too hot your direction.


Lavender Dreams

Thanks for all the wonderful links! I love them!


I can't wait to check out those links, okay I cheated and already looked at the strawberry lemonade. Yum!

Anne Marie

Dearest Clarice..........

my most sincere gratitude for choosing my photograph in your post, but more so, how you like visiting Na-Da Farm........

Anne Marie


Thanks for the potager link Clarice, we are just planning one but it won't benefit from Anne Marie's wonderfully big skies and sunshine. Progress report when we get our fist cabbage!

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

Thank you for posting your favorites. I can't wait to check them out :) Beautiful photo by the way :)


The Pleasures of Homemaking

I just spent way too much time scrolling through Na-Da Farm Life! What gorgeous photos she has! I'm off to have a look at that movie. I know if it's something you like I will like it too!


Gumbo Lily

Thank you for sharing some of your favorites. I love the T-shirt make-over.

Also....I noticed you have a new banner. I like it!



Dear Clarice,

I too enjoy Na-Da Farm's blog! Hope you had a wonderful Fourth!




Thank you for mentioning the strawberry lemonade recipe - what a great idea to mix it all in the blender.

I'm off to check out your other links.


Junie Moon

What a wonderful list of things you love, lots of new things for me to learn about. I'm going to pop over now and visit the links you've shared. Thank you!


Fun stuff Clarice!


That t-shirt is just too cute. Have you tried the shampoo? Love, Mom


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for sharing "things you love!" I love Anne Marie's Na-Da Farm Life and Potager, too!!! I will take a look at the other links. Wasn't that one of the best movies you ever saw?! (You are welcome!) I loved it!!!

Love the photo from Na-Da Farm!

Love, Paula


Dear Clarice,

What a bundle of goodies to explore!

Thanks for always being so inspiring,




Thank you so much for mentioning my paper dolls! :)
I'm also loving the Na-Da Farm Life!!


Thank you for all the new wonderful places to visit…
I have blisters on my feet from yesterday so I will happily sit and
travel your links today…


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