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Tasha Tudor Day

Thasha tudor day

I wanted to post and let everyone know that Tasha Tudor day coming up, August 28th. I am trying to get the word out, I would love to see this tradition spread. Tasha was such an inspiration to so many and in this day and age of trying to be more creative, frugal and self sufficient, I think she is even more inspiring. I invite anyone to come and share on TT day what they did, what they admire about Tasha Tudor, a post, maybe a favorite book, anything. Feel free to use the image or button.

I hope those readers who live in my neck of the woods are doing okay. It was a record breaking day on Wensday. The hottest day ever recorded, 103. Many do not have air-conditioning and really suffered. I am pretty cranky but are doing okay xoxox

Thasha tudor da


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I am trying to plan a "Tasha Tudor" themed party for my daughter's first birthday, and I found your website and realized that my daughter's birthday is the same day - August 28th! I couldn't believe it. Anyway, I was hoping to find some birthday invitations or notecards with the illustration of the birthday cake floating down the river, but I'm having a very hard time. I was wondering if you knew of anywhere that I could find something like that. They do sell the notecards on her family's website, but that particular one is out of stock.


I just got the time to post about TT Day on my blog. Thanks for initiating this, Clarice!


I just can't believe that you up there are having such hot weather and we down here in KS are having the coolest summer ever! Windows open every day this week.

Thanks for reminding us about Tasha's birthday. I don't have time for much of a post but will post something.

Missy Hollenbeck

Hi Clarice, I'll be participating again this year... I love Tasha!


Thank you for the post, I'm glad I found your blog! Tasha was very inspirational. I'm going to snatch your image and post it on my blog as a reminder!


What an enchanting idea. I will definately be celebrating and blogging about Tasha on the 28th, and can't wait to see all the wonderful things everyone else has to say about her.


I am planning a tea with friends on Tasha's birthday. What a wonderful way to remember such an inspiring lady!


I'm so glad I found your blog, I love Tasha Tudor and just did a post about this special lady and day! Thanks!


Hi Clarice!
what a great thing Tasha Tudor day!
Your button on my blog .
In Argentina we loved books of Tasha Tudor.
A woman to follow like example.
Greetings from Argentina.


I placed the button on my blog's sidebar and had a small reminder in today's post (which included quite a few blog suggestions.

I plan to place another reminder post in the next week or so, if nothing else to remind myself. :)

(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

*THANK YOU!* for the heads up. LOVE Tasha Tudor! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Clarice, Brilliant idea! I'd be happy to post your button on my blog to help spread the word.

I'll probably be out of town then, but I'll try to get something together for TT Day.

Hope it's a little cooler up there today, finally we are feeling some relief but it's still very WARM down here.



I just left a comment way back in March of 08, and then saw your "now" posts. I look forward to the TT day, as well, and do have a question about a former post:

I've been going back and back by bookmark to ButtonWillow, and have never seen anything past the same first page. Did it not last, as so many fragile, beautiful things, or am I clicking on the wrong site?

I'd love to find it again, and dive back into the lovely places and times.

Thank you for mentioning it, and I hope you can steer us to more of this lovely place.


Josephine Tale Pedder

I have just found your Blog and think it it totally gorgeous. I love the title and there's so much to absorb here. A Tasha Tudor day sounds wonderful. xx

vicki haninger

Oh! TT could I forget? My brain must be fried from all the heat I guess. Glad to hear you survived it.

BTW--did you get a chance to visit the Pink House cafe with your relatives?

Gumbo Lily

I hope to celebrate it with you again this year. Thanks for the reminder.

Stay cool!



I so admired Tasha, and always loved her stories and cookbooks.

Well, I would be cranky too dear! I hate HOT weather.

Hopefully that jet stream will blow in some back to normal cooler air.

Jill xoo


Clarice-what a great thing Tasha Tudor day! I love Tasha's books! I was saddened to hear she passed away.

Hope it cools down for your area!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Now that's hot! The humidity has been just awful here but thankfully the AC is holding on!!

I remember Tasha Tudor day from last year. I really will try to do something this year. I just adore her and I was very sorry I didn't do anything last year. I'll write it on my calendar now so I won't forget!



I remember that from last year. Can it be another year already?
Have a nice weekend,

Junie Moon

I remember when we all did Tasha Tudor Day last year; it was such a delight. Thanks for reminding me and I will indeed join in the tribute.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Hi! I'm a bigtime lurker of your blog! I can't wait to celebrate Tasha Tudor's b-day with everyone. I've put the button on my blog, for all to see!
Have a great day!


It has been so hot! I'm glad today is a little cooler here and I hope it is for you too. There's not much anyone feels like doing in those temperatures except stay still and wave a fan.



Dear Clarice,

I am so glad you are hosting Tasha Tudor day again. Justin and I really enjoyed participating last year!

I hope the temperatures cool down and you feel better soon!

Love, Paula

Lavender Dreams

Thanks for the reminder! Can't wait to see all the interesting things about her!


I loved the Tasha Tudor Day you had last year, Clarice! I hope that it cools down there. Those are Dallas temperature, but we have air, so I can't imagine how awful it is. Sending (((hugs)))


Dear Clarice,

Thanks for the reminder~It's coming right up, isn't it? I'm sorry it's been so hot. What strange weather we've had this year.




I can't wait to see the posts on Tasha's Day. She was an influence on my life. And why I have a little corgi looking at me right now, telling me it's time to go out!


Hello Clarice,

I would love to participate this year in your Tasha Tudor day...I will also post about it on my blog! I recently checked a book out from the library on her...loved it, but I had to return it, as others wanted to read it too!
Yes, yesterday was horrible! Today was quite hot too! We went to the park down by the lake this evening and there was a nice little breeze coming off the water, so that helped a little! I hope you guys are staying cool over at your you get a breeze being near the water?

Take Care!!


Linda Colantino

Love the idea Clarice and have been thinking about it also. Thanks for thinking ahead.
It was only in the 90's today and I was so happy. I have been dying here in Troutdale and a Pooh Bear (our name for being grumpy)!

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