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Mango Rum Slushy

Mango rum

I will confess, I am completely addicted to these mango rum slushy's. It all start when Angie told me how her mom keep in the freezer all summer this tea, brandy, lemonade concoction. Oh gosh it sounded sooo good. Because of the alcohol it never really freeze, it just gets all slushy. I look around and there are a zillion recipes. So I started playing and I came up with this. I adore it.

You could pour some bubble water (lime is good), wine, juice and so forth over the slushy, but I like it just scooped in a pretty glass and savor small spoonfuls. If you do not have mango, peach is a good substitute. But gosh I was thinking plum or nectarine would be good too. Play with the recipe, use what you have on-hand and enjoy.

I will need some today, it is suppose to be in the high 90s. It is almost never gets that hot here, so no air conditioning. I think it is hot when it is 75, I do not think I will handle this week well !!!!

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Mango Rum Slushy

1 bottle of Tazo Mango tea or 2 cups mango (or peach) tea with 1/2 cup sweetener

I can (2 cups) mango juice

I very ripe mango (or 2 peaches), peeled and cubed

1 cup dark rum, you can use more or less to your liking

In a food processor or blender puree mango and tea. Mix tea, juice and rum together. Pour into a container (I use an old, but gorgeous ;-P large plastic yogurt container. Picture above) and set in freezer. Every couple of hours, give it a stir, till it is frozen. It will be flaky, not fully frozen. It needs 24 hours to freeze.


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Pearl Maple

That is a tasty way of staying cool in the heat. The experts always say you have to drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated, and what a way to go.

Gumbo Lily

Mmmmmm. That does sound delightful on a hot summer day. Thanks for sharing the recipe since I think the heatwave is coming our way next week.



Oh, my goodness, this sounds so good! A perfect summer beverage, am thinking these would be delicious for happy hour this evening, thank you!


This look like the best food ever, my favorite foods!!! Yum! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Junie Moon

This sounds so tasty and refreshing. I'm going to add your recipe to my fast-growing drink ideas. Thus far, I have a grand total of two (shows how much I drink): your Mango Rum Slushy and my Cuban Mojito. I raise a glass in toast to your slushy!


This is one I am going to have to try.
The picture alone makes me want this...
Thanks for sharing this great recipe.


Trust me, Ladies. Clarice's slushy is great!! Even better than my moms! You must try.

Wishing I had some right now rather than my boring ice water with lime....It's too hot!!

Love, Angie


We would die without air conditioning, living in the South, but it gets so hot and humid here. Hope you are able to stay cool...


Dear Clarice,

Your photo is lovely, thank you for sharing the recipe.
I am sorry it is so hot there! I know it must be hard without air conditioner. I hope it gets cooler soon. Take care and try to stay cool!

Love, Paula

Lavender Dreams

OH MY! I'll have to try that! It sounds delicious!

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