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    I am starting to think fall/winter and what I can do to prepare, to do ahead of time. For example this last winter my feet really froze (we have no carpets) so I plan to knit (and buy) a few pairs of wool socks. There is nothing like wool to keep you warm. I have a wool shaw I knitted two years ago and it kept me sooo much warmer, then my polar fleece one. Yes, the wool is more expensive but it does the job.

    I also read in a Mary Jane Farm mag, the idea of taking veggies that are starting to go and drying them in my dehydrator. I just set up my dehydrator in my pantry, so I can add bits and bobs to dry. Here a few more ideas I am doing

Make your own elderberry syrup youtube

Here is another youtube on the subject

To help build up our immune system this winter. It only takes 1/2 to make, so it is easy to always have elderberry syrup on-hand.

Homemade Natural Deodorant

Sharon just posted this recipe, so I had to post it. Thank you Sharon xoxo

Make your own oil lamps

Last winter, I pulled out my two oil lamps and I loved them. Not only do I like the light but they put out heat (can you tell I was really cold last winter :-)

Simple Windowsill Chives

Tracey had such a brilliant idea of using broken stemware and a sprouting onion. Your soo smart Tracey xoxoxo

Make your own old French Grain Sack

Well okay this have nothing to do with winter, but it is just a rocken idea I had to throw in !!!

Parsley, Peppers, Potatoes and Peas

I am trying to be better about harvesting and preserving this summer. This is a book I really love. She covers a lot of veggies and fruits, beside the typical ones you always read about. Like celeriac, chestnuts, dandelions, herb roots, kohlrabi. She tells what does best canning, freezing, dry, etc. She even has ideas of what to do with corn husks and cobs, after you cut the corn from them.

Onion, Garlic Soup for Colds

This is a soup I am going to have in my "fight the cold" arsenal. I plan to have a nice batch in the freezer. Because once you get sick, who wants to make a complicated soup. I will add more garlic, when I serve it.

Make your own sprouts in a canning jar

My mom and I were saying sprouts are a cheap, easy green veggie to have in the winter.

I have more ideas, I will post soon. If you have any ideas, I would LOVE to hear them xoxoxo


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I have been looking into getting an Excalibur dehydrator. But I learned that my convection oven will do the trick.


I picked up a second dehydrator this winter for a few dollars just for this time of year. I've been drying batch after batch of zucchini chips. I just grated a frozen bags of zucchinis for breads and cakes and I'm wading through endless batches of pickles right now. MaryJane inspired me as well to try some new things!
~~Different post, but I just wanted to say WEAR THE HAT TO THE WEDDING!!!! It's fabulous on you, pretty lady!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

My note is coming late but I love these ideas you give and their direction to past times!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

You're sooo smart! I should start thinking about those things too! I'll have a look at that book - it sounds really helpful!


Gumbo Lily

I thought of one more good idea....
look for canning jars at yard sales.


Gumbo Lily

I thought of few ideas.....

When fall comes, pick rose hips from wild roses that grew beside the road. The rose hip, when dried, will have a long shelf life. It can be chopped in half or and steeped for tea (or added to teas). Hips have more vitamin C than oranges.

Freeze and home can all you can....berries, fruits, veggies, salsa, relish.

It's nice to gather mint leaves and herbs to dry for fall & winter use.

Wash and line dry curtains, blankets, quilts before fall days are too cold.

I like the flavor of garlic and it has great medicinal properties. Good idea to make broths with garlic BEFORE cold/flu season.

I love all of your ideas, Clarice. Thank you for sharing these.


Junie Moon

These are wonderful ideas and some can be done all through the entire year which is quite nice.


I was thinking about your post and will check out the always have such good link recommends..
What I need to do..I painting projects.
They are much easier to do during the summer out here. I have a ton of frames to paint etc...may not get them all hung etc, but it is truly much easier to spray or brush paint outside than in,safer to because of any fumes.
I am already yard sale-ing here and there with fall and Christmas in mind and future craft projects.


Hi Clarice,
Thanks for always having the best tips to share with us!!!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend,


Dear Clarice,

Thank you so much for sharing all these fabulous things! You are so wise to start preparing for Autumn and Winter now! You are such an inspiration to me. I love your beautiful photo and it made me quite ready for fall to be here, especially as hot as it is in Louisiana! I agree that wool is worth the investment, it keeps you much warmer and will last a long time, too. I look forward to seeing the wool socks you will knit, and would love to see your wool shawl. Is it easy to make? If you have the time I would love a tutorial.

I love all the natural ways of building your immune system, as you know we use all natural things too, it is so much safer and better for you! Thank you for all the fabulous links, and wonderful ideas!

Love you,

Gill in Norway

Hello Clarice,
I have been putting up Rose Elixir against winter blahs, sore throats and many other complaints (this is from the essential herbal blog) and Raspberry Cordial which, according to research quoted by Rhonda Jean on is seriously anti-viral (ecoli, staph, salmonella etc)No wonder all the old cookery books always have recipes for Raspberry vinegar/cordial. When did we forget why, I wonder!
It certainly is autumnal here and damp or just plumb teaming! Gill.


My freezer is filling up with all the berries as they come into season. Blackberries will be next, and best of all, in this neck of the woods there are more than enough for all who dare brave the thorns.

I freeze them plain for putting on cereal in the morning, or for using in cobblers and cakes.
Blackberry Peach jam is wonderfully summery on fresh bread in the winter.
Blackberry syrup is great for a drink and is easily canned.
I'm eager to look at your other links - great topic.



Dear Clarice,

Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas. We were out driving through the woods yesterday, and I was drooling over all the elderberries we saw in blossom. Elderberries are WONDERFUL gifts from God.

And so are wool slippers and socks! We'll have to make some, too.




Wonderful list of resources Clarice! Thank you for sharing with us!



Super ideas, Clarice! Thanks for sharing them. It's fun to read what ideas are considered frugal and in fashion again --- when they are things we've done forever (like growing sprouts in a canning jar). I love your picture with this post!!!




We are having a Fall like day today, very nice and makes me excited about Autumn.
Your ideas are splended!
Remember the "Smart Wool" sock I received for Christmas? I love them!

Thanks for sharing such wondeful ideas.



I thought those oil lamps were cool too. Mom


great tips!!!! thanks for that.I love the lovely !!! Happy preparing ! Mica

Sharon D.


I too am already looking at Fall & Winter. I am planning on trying to knit some slippers that I saw in Mary Jane's recent issue. They don't look too hard for a beginner like me :)

I have been drying fruit and herbs for the upcoming months along with making jams and jellies and freezing the harvest.

I will be trying making those same oil lamps too!

I make a Mulligatawny Soup with lots of garlic, curry, chili powder and cumin that is something I always have in the freezer for cold and flu season :) I try to stock up with an arsenal as well. One thing I like to purchase is instant Ginger crystals by Prince of Peace. these you just add hot water to and are wonderful for a cold, the flu or tummmy issues.Oh, and Mountain Rose Herbs has a wonderful Echinacea & Roots tea for colds.

I have started making my own deodorant. I have been using it for 3 months and it works well (even with gardening in the scorching heat). I posted the recipe on my blog.

I love all of your ideas and look forward to reading more :)

Thanks for always sharing such neat things with us :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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