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I have a new banner and was wondering what you think about it ??? Is it as good as the last one ??? I really like the last one, but thought it was time for a change. I am still thinking about this one and need feedback. Thank you. I hope you are having a lovely day, I am making bread and strawberry freezer jam xoxoxo


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I do! Your very own vintage story book.


It is very pretty, but I think I really like the other one a bit better.


Clarice, I like it!


I like it!!Change is always fun!

Gumbo Lily

I like the simplicity of it.


I like it! I think it is neat to change the blog from time to time. I was pleasantly surprised to see the change:)


Love it!! Change is good!!

(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

I'm a sporadic visitor,and I LOVE IT! Very beautiful! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


Hi again Clarice,

I think the newly colored background is perfect with your new banner!!!! Very pretty!!!
Love, Paula


I like it, but dang it, I can't remember the other one -- I have alzheimer's LOL. And THANKS for posting the link to TMoOD in your last post -- I watched every segment and LOVED it!!!


It would be helpful to have a pic of the old one to compare. I'm thinking I prefer the old one but maybe I'm just used to it.

Sharon D.


The new banner is very nice. I like it, but not as much as the previous banner.(sorry, just had to share, I also like more color)

But it is YOUR blog and I say do whatever YOU like :)

Have a blessed day!



I like it too, but I find the S and tory a tad hard to read. I really like the W! But after having said that, you'll never please everyone, so as the others have said, just do it the way you like it! Blogs are all about personal creativity!


Do you like it question mark, suppose to be!



I believe the banner is a lovely change, but I will ask you what you always ask me when I constantly change my banners, web site.
Do you like it! Thats the most important thing !

When I asked the same question on my blog your answer rang true to me more than any other comment or suggestion.


this banner is so sweet! i really like it


It's a keeper1

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I meant to say something about it before but I must have been too excited about that movie!

I love it! I like the different fonts - it makes it quirky and interesting!



lve this Miss Clarice!!!


Dear Clarice,

Very cute banner. A nice change for summer! Enjoy your bread & jam!



Dear Clarice,

I think your new banner looks fabulous! You are very creative and did a great job! I love that it looks very vintage and storybookish!

Anything you do looks wonderful!

Love you, Paula

Mica Garbarino

very pretty. I like ed the old one just as much as I like the new one. I like change sometimes.... it is creative... nice job !! Mica


I like it, but I like the other one better. I'm a sucker for more colour. I do like the tiny bows and ribbon border on this one.

I'd say, whatever makes YOU happy. It's your blog! We'll come visit no matter what the banner looks like!



I like it the way it is. It may not be by the rules but it says something about you. I love the way the W is done and I think Woods looks storybook and Storybook looks kind of Renaissance. Love, Mom

Deborah Ripoli

yes I agree. Keep the same font as storybook, that one is nicer, so use the font for the S for the W and the same as the rest. the font for torybook is cuter and says more. :)


I like the other one better. This is good, I just perfer the other:D

Junie Moon

I do like it, it has a sense of a hidden story hidden within. The only thing I'd suggest is to modify the font used for the "S" and "W" in Storybook Woods -- make them the same font. Use a different font (as you've done) for the rest of the words, but make them the same, too. Bottom line: use only 2 different fonts: one for the capitalize letters and the other for the lower case letters.

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