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I hope you do not mind me sharing my new chandelier. I rarely get a new light fixture, so I am soo excited. Actually as beautiful as this home is, it has a lot of bare bulbs. But my mother taught me on some things you can go cheap. But some things need to be quality and light fixtures are one of them. So I just patiently wait till I find something stunning, looks expensive but is not ;-) This light fixture was only $98.00 and was from Lowes of all places. I was there looking at paint chips and happened to see this beauty and knew it would be right for my hall.

Chandiler 2

It seems very French to me and is perfect for this odd space. It fills it up and adds interests. I am planing on adding a few more crystals at the top, it seems bare to me ;-) This is hall (between my kitchen, bathroom, basement and library) is small, narrow, very dark and has a door on all 4 walls. Please do not look at the horrible wallpaper, that I need to paint over. I was looking at new wallpaper. But akkkk, can someone tell me why wallpaper is sooo expensive ? I want to do something fun and different. I figured a hall is a good place to try something unusual. It is not like you are going to be sitting there and look at all day. So I am thinking two shade of paint, one lighter then the other and a big stencil to give the look of wallpaper. But now what color ? Robins egg blue maybe ?? Any suggestions xoxoxoxo

Chandiler 3


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A)That is stunning! B)Lowes??? Wow! What an amazing find!!!


Oh my goodness! Your chandelier is gorgeous. Takes my breath away. I'm sure whichever color you choose it will be lovely. Hugs, Debra


So elegant ....

Porch Days

I would have never guessed this light fixture came from Lowes. Good job! It is lovely.


Clarice, what a beautiful chandelier!! Gorgeous! I think robin egg blue would be beautiful!

Pearl Maple

Wonderful chandelier!
A bright and cheerful colour will be sure to help this little darling shine all the more brighter.
What other colours adjoin that room? And do you have an over all theme for that area?
We bloggers do love to play with colour.


Love, Love, Love!
I think your paint color is Fab!

Jill xoo

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

The chandelier is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! It sounds perfect where you have placed it. If the hallway is dark, I think a Robin's Egg Blue would look perfect in lighting up the area. Please post photos when you are done :)

Thanks for popping by my blog and being so encouraging :) I have a wonderful recipe for fresh Raspberry pie if you would like it :) Let me Know :)

have a wonderful day!



It's beautiful, Clarice!!

Mica Garbarino

Robin Eggs blue in a pale shade is lovely. Love the chandelier. It is gorgeous !!! Can't wait to see what you do !! Mica


Love it!! So pretty!! I would go a robin's egg blue, too. Have you seen that new BH&G magazine out 100 Easy Weekend Decorating Ideas. It has a green floral couch on the cover. Anyway, on page 54 they have this gorgeous damask stenciled room. I so want that for my bedroom...
Whatever you do will be gorgeous, I'm sure.

cindy mandernach

i have this same fixture in my photo studio. i dry brush painted mine a dusty pink color with the dark bronze showing through. it looks antique and it is BEAUTIFUL. and you have to love the price....98 dollars... :)


Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

Oh my goodness Clarice!!! Your new light fixture is just gorgeous! I love it...and it was totally worth the wait ~ xxoo, Dawn

The Pleasures of Homemaking

LOVE IT, LOVE IT! Lowe's does have a really nice selection of light fixtures at reasonable prices! This is very french looking!

You're right a hall is a good place to do something fun and different! I like the stencil idea - like a damask pattern? Or maybe two paint colors that are totally different but go together like a pink & frenchy blue/gray? I don't know, you'll come up with something pretty and fun!


Gumbo Lily

Clarice, I just love this chandelier and I'm not a chandelier kind of person. I think it's the wrought iron that I like about it that feels a little less formal and appealing to me.

I like the idea of two colors on your hall walls. Like you, I think you should do something you really love there -- even if it's a little different. I'm thinking of the colors I see at Small Meadow Press where Lesley makes those pretty cards and papers -- soft pastels.

What about stenciling a phrase or verse on the wall?



Very pretty elegant! I like the sound of the robin egg blue! Make sure to take photos of this project to share with us!



The chandelier is beautiful and must look just gorgeous in your home. I, too, like the idea of robin's egg blue, or another soft colour to add light.

It will be fun to see what you've done!


Dear Clarice,

I love your new chandelier, it is so gorgeous! I especially love that it looks like an antique, which is important considering you live in a 100 year old beautiful home! I think your idea of adding more crystals at the top would be lovely. I agree, I think it is very French looking!

Robins' egg blue would be lovely in your hallway, since it is so dark that would really lighten it up. I think a stencil it also a really good idea, as good quality wallpaper can be costly.

You are so creative, whatever you do will be fabulous! I look forward to seeing it.

Love, Paula


I love it!
I was telling Linda that I wanted one for my hurling room re-do. She couldn't believe me, of all people wanted a chandelier! :-) Very affordable and nice looking! I may need to go to town! LOL!

Mrs. Sensibility

I love the new light fixture! I think the two color paint idea is a good one. Perhaps you could paint one shade on the lower part of the wall and the other shade higher and put a creamy white chair rail between the two. Over at My Romantic Home ( used a Benjamin Moore paint named Feather Gray for her kitchen walls. It was a gray blue and might be similar to what you have in mind. I posted the link in case you want to take a look. I know what ever you do will be beautiful. Just a thought.

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