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I am sure you are wondering why I am showing you my toilet, but I am just so thrilled I had to share with you. I saw this cross tank lever in the June Country Living. (It is only $15.00 at Lowes) I thought what a simple, inexpensive way to make my bathroom feel a bit more Victorian.  Sometimes just new hardware can make something feel unique and special xoxox


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karla nathan

They say that hardware is like jewelry for the room. And even the bathroom deserves some bling, huh?

Cathy Santarsiero

So pretty, Clarice! And the way the sun is shining in there it looks like an underwater fantasy loo! Everything you touch just sparkles. xo -C ^..^

Gumbo Lily

Simple pleasures.
It's a pretty loo.



I wouldn't have thought of that and didn't know you could even replace one with something different. I think I will look into that!! You are 'Clever Clarice'!


Very pretty ~ it adds just the right touch!


The miracle of hardware.
What a great look…



It's funny Clarice, before I even read the post the new hardware stuck out.
I agree, little things like such make us happy!

Junie Moon

I love the lever and never even gave a thought to being able to change one to a more decorative detail. You are so clever!


Clarice, I love the attention you give to details. It makes your home unique and full of Victorian "atmosphere". Love, Abby


Very cool! I'm thinking what what you need is some shredded toilet paper to add to the decor! ;-)


Now, THERE'S a loo I would skip to!


I love that lever -- I'm thinking of getting one for my loos.


I agree with you and your bathroom does great.:)

The Pleasures of Homemaking

I saw it too and thought it was cute! Looks perfect in your loo!


Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

I also saw that and it is on my list of things to purchase :) It makes such a huge difference and adds charm to the loo :) I like your vintage curtains too!

Thanks for sharing and I hope you are having a wonderful day :)



Dear Clarice,

Queen Victoria would be proud (And jealous)!




Dear Clarice,
Too Cute! Sometimes the inexpensive little items make the biggest impact! I like the color of your bathroom - very cheery!


Love it!! I may have to work on changing out my toilet levers.


I love it. Mom


Dear Clarice,

Indeed, it does give it a more Victorian look! I love that the Victorians thought of each and every detail to beautify their homes. Your curtains are so lovely, made with those sweet vintage linens! Your 'brooch' tree and glittery star box are so lovely, too!

Thank you for sharing!
Love, Paula

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