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I realized when I posted I should have given some feedback about the museum wax. It has been 3 years (can you believe it) since I wrote the first post, I wanted to say a couple of things. First I do NOT recommend the gel, it just does hold like the wax. So skip the gel. Second I found there are several products out there that are the same thing. Glass wax, adhesive wax for glass, tackywax. I get tackywax at a Christmas store in the area that sell the Christmas villages. They sell little tubs of the wax for $2.50. I always pick up a couple when I am in there. So look around, do a search. Remember, you can reuse the wax. You just scrap it off when you are done, put it back and clean the item with orange cleaner. I do hope you can find some, because I am always finding ways to use mine.

Also I wanted to let you know that Amazon has removed their mark up of my baking issue, so now the price is the same as my Lulu shop, yeah. I really wish I could find a way to get it printed cheaper, so far I have not. But I am still looking. I hope you have a lovely weekend. It is the middle of the week for us, so we will be cleaning, gardening, math, tea outside. Wish you could have tea with us xoxoxox


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Lovely flowers! Thanks so much for your comments at my blog last week and oh! If you do watch In The Realms of the Unreal, please let me know what you think, ok? It's one of those films that stays with you for a few days... I think you would like it, too. :) Blessings, Debra


i have a batch of your earl gray cookies in the freezer, hope i did everything right the dough should be ready soon, wish me luck...they sound yummy!


I'd love to have tea with you! And I've never been great at math...

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Thanks for the tip - I'll have to try to find it! Seems like a useful item!


Junie Moon

You always share such great tips and ideas with us. Thank you, dear Clarice!


What a gorgeous deep pink ~ your photo is lovely! Have a great week & weekend!


Dear Clarice,

Your photo is so pretty! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your 'middle of the week' happenings! Wish we could have tea together, too!

Love, Paula


Now I have to try the wax. I haven't used it before. Love the vignette in your last post.
Hope you are having a nice weekend.

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