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Stacking china

I was at my mom's house and saw this adorable vignette. She said I used your stacking china idea. She took a French glass I give her, put some dried lavender inside, set a pretty purple glass plate on top of the glass. Then added the figurine and set it under a dome. I LOVE it mom. Your so creative !!!

By the way my mother has started a new blog Foxtales. She has been posting a lot on trying to be more frugal. Something we all struggle with xoxox


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Sweet Cottage Dreams

Cute, cute, cute and so cleaver!!!!! Love the little girl figurine, too.

I will be back to check out your momma's blog and to catch up on your posts. Off to paint....



that is totally lovely dear !!! your Mama has a great eye for beauty like you... or is it you are like her??? anyhoo... I will pop over for a visit to her new blog... hugs, Mica


How charming is that! I can't wait to see your mother's blog.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

So pretty! I'll hop over to your Mom's blog and say hello.


Junie Moon

This is such a clever and lovely idea. What fun to make different tablescapes using this idea for all sorts of various themes or holidays.

I'll pop over and visit your mom's blog.


Thanks Clarice, You did a great job with the picture. I've learned more from her than she has from me and I'm still learning which is the theme of my blog. Linda (mom)


Dear Clarice,

What a sweet idea! Of course, it would get knocked off the shelf around here :) . Someday!




Simple, yet sweet! I have a small glass container, I believe it is to cover cheese. It is small though, so I am having problems finding items to put under it...might have to do some digging around the house!
Have a blessed weekend Clarice!

PS ~ Thank you for sharing your Mom's blog with us!


And now we know the genetic link to all your creativity! Beautiful!


PS: Does your mom have an "old" blog as well?


Dearest Clarice,

You take such beautiful photos, and your Mom does a fabulous job with her vignettes! It is gorgeous! She is so creative, just like you! Thank you for sharing the link to your Mom's new blog!

I hope you have lovely and happy weekend!

Love you, Paula


Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Sharon D.


How sweet! You go Mom!!! I look forward to checking out your Mom's blog. I love the name!

Have a beautiful weekend Clarice :)


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