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I know I said was taking a break and I am ;-) But I was just tooo excited and had to share now.  Yes, I was one of those kids who unwrapped her Christmas gifts and then rewrapped them and set them back under the tree.

You may already know about this but Mary Jane has videos. Go to this link and you will see ones about her farm, family, tatting, making a bake-over's and more. I could not get the blip.tv video to show (soI am showing youtube) but you have to check it out. Okay I am going back to my brake and eating yummy things xoxox


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Oh, I'm so excited! I'm going to pop over and watch Mary Jane on video... you already know how I feel about her! :) And I wanted to say again that I love the way you decorate, Clarice. Your photos do my heart good--they are sweet and homey and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your life and your home with us! Hugs, Debra

Alice C

Thank you so much for sharing this! I am such a Mary Jane fan... Just got "Outpost" the other day and am enjoying it SO much.


Oh, I'm so happy that you posted about these videos. I didn't know about them. They are lovely. Thank you. I love Mary Janes Farm books, and her magazines, and have read them for years. These videos make me feel that I'm there on the farm, and the music is so nice.

I recently watched "All Passion Spent" thanks to your reccomendation. I enjoed it very much. Thank you!

Gumbo Lily

I've been a follower of Maryjane for a long while, but I had never seen her on video. Thanks!


The Pleasures of Homemaking

I had no idea! I always buy her magazine so thank you!



Dear Clarice,

Thanks for reminding me of this video-I just love Maryjane and all the wonderful things that have happened to her through her hard work and determination. What an example for the rest of us. She reminds me of Tasha Tudor, in a way, making lemonade of lemons. Lord bless her!



p.s. Hope you had a lovely Father's Day, spoiling your sweetie!


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for sharing, I did not know that she had videos posted. I subscribe to her magazine and just love it! Thanks again!



Jean Tuthill

Thanks for sharing this, I am off to check this out.


I'll have to check this out!! I love MJF and would love to go stay for a little vacay.


Have a good break Clarice!


thanks for sharing i had no idea that mary jane had videos

Sharon D.

Thanks for sharing Clarice! I have actually seen these before. Mary Jane is very inspiring. I just borrowed her Outpost book from the library and LOVE IT! It's on my list of "I wants!"

Have a blessed weekend!



Dear Clarice,

I love Mary Jane's videos! She is, oh so inspiring! I am glad you are enjoying your break from blogging, and eating yummy things!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Paula


Well, that was certainly worth un-breaking for. Thanks for the link!

Junie Moon

Thanks for taking time out to share the video. I'm going to watch it right after leaving this comment.

Enjoy your break!

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