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Hand Jam-pies


A favorite tea treat is make your own jam hand-pies. I like to serve items where you can make it to please your own palette.

I roll out pate brisee and cut tops and bottoms.

Set out different jams, bits of chocolate, nuts, fruit, anything you can think of. Each person takes a piece of dough and places a TBL of jam and a few pieces of fruit, chocolate, nuts in the center.

Wet edge of dough with water, using your fingers. Set another piece of dough on top and press down edges. We carved our initial into each pie, so we knew who's was who. 

Set hand-pies on parchment paper. I suggest you set cookie sheet in freezer for 1/2 hour to re-harden butter. Bake off frozen hand-pies at 375°F  for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool for 10 minutes, that jam is really hot. Enjoy!!!

Note, I made mine with my red-wine plum jam and bits of dark chocolate, ahhh.


I am taking a few days off from blogging to spoil my man for Fathers day. I always thought the more I spoil him, the more he will spoil me :-) Plus we just had our 21 wedding anniversary. We were up half the night chatting, giggling and remembering. I can not think of a better way to celebrate, I am quite blessed xox


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Gumbo Lily

Happy 21st Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary, dear friend! Those little jam pies are so sweet, I will be making some for sure!


thanks clarice for stopping by my blog..i'm off to check out yours those jam tea sandwhiches are making me hungry.


happy wedding anniversary! Those hand jam pies look yummy. I'm off to explore your recipes. :)


Happy Anniversary!! Twenty one years...that is GREAT!! The recipe sounds yummy!!


Clarice, Happy to find you again.

Happy Anniversary!



I really like this recipe, what a clever idea.
Well Happy Anniversary darling..

I just realized today is our anniversary,oh my gosh, I'm not very good with these things. I know Lennis forgot too.

I better get to work.

Enjoy your time cooking.


Dear Clarice,

The hand jam pies look so yummy!!! I will have to make those for my sweeties, and try making some with almond flour for me! :) Your photo is so lovely! Your teacup and saucer are beautiful! Isn't it wonderful to have such pretty dishes to use and enjoy everyday, making tea such a special occasion and every meal for that matter! I think it was a clever idea to put your initials on the hand jam pies to tell them apart!

Happy Anniversary to you and David! I am so happy you both had such a fun evening remembering all those happy years of marriage and looking forward to all the years ahead. I agree, I could not think of a better way to celebrate! Enjoy your week! I know David will love being spoiled for Father's Day!
Love you, Paula


Dear Clarice,

Happy anniversary to you! I hope it was a wonderful one. Hooray for you, spoiling your husband for Father's Day, too! You have a very blessed family, indeed.




Happy Anniversary Clarice! Many more happy years too!

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Happy anniversary! I've been married 21 years too - time flies doesn't it!

Thanks for the recipe, I'll have to try it!


Oooh, those looks delicious. Happy Belated Anniversary!


yum, yum, have a great break, Happy Fathers Day to yours and Happy Anniversary !!!!Hugs, Mica

Junie Moon

What a yummy treat--thank you for sharing it with us.

Happy anniversary and enjoy this beautiful weekend with your husband.


YUMMMM....that sounds scrumptious...I would def. have to add chocolate to mine. LOVE your new loo handle..that is gorgeous. cherry


I'm always looking for treats for tea time--these are a wonderful idea, Clarice, thank you!!
Congratulations on your anniversary and wishing you many more happy years together,


Dear Clarice,

mmmm....what time is tea, I will be right over!!
Congratulations to you and your hubby!



Love your ideas! I'll have to try the thumb pies. And taking time off for your dh is an excellent thing to do! Have fun! Abby


Tell D Happy Father's Day for me. I still remember the engagement party or shower I'm not sure what it was now, where you guys made him wear that hat. Love, Mom

Sharon D.

Congratulations Clarice! Wow, 21 years that is AWESOME! Enjoy your time with your honey. I love spoiling mine, or should we say blessing :) Thanks for the wonderful sounding recipe Clarice :)

Gill in Norway

Congratulations!xxx Gill.


Congratulations to you and David on your Anniversary! And I think you are right about the spoiling thing; it has worked for me for almost 18 years now.


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