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The girls and I have been enjoying our tea outdoors but I needed a tray to carry everything. Something fairly sturdy, room for all our tea stuff and not expensive. I remember some trays JuneMoon had fixed up as gifts for her family. I went to Michael's and they had them and the pretty blue paper. They are really cheap, you could do anything with them and they would make wonderful gifts. I am very happy with my forget-me-not tray. I especially love the scalloped velvet trim, which I found at my local scrapbook store. I decided to add just a few scattered velvet forget-me-nots on the inside of the tray. I thought it was sort of like a pretty lacey petticoat just peeking out. Also I found about three coats of modge podge, seems to make a finish on the paper that can handle some spilled tea, hot tea pot and can be wiped down. Now go gussie up a tray xoxoxo


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Absolutely gorgeous Clarice and it looks so right with the pretty china.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Beautiful Clarice! I just found a really big wooden tray at Goodwill yesterday and want to do something with it. Good to know about the 3 coats of modge podge!



Love the tray, great idea..

Sharon D.

Dear Clarice,

That is absolutely adorable! I just love the colors and the touch of the sweet blossoms inside. Very cute! Thank you for sharing your creativity :)

Have a blessed day!




What a lovely little "breakfast in bed" serving tray.

Jill xoo




you have a great eye for beauty sweet Clarice. It is all so wonderful to look at... thankee for sharing this !!!! hUGS, mICA


Dear Clarice,

Your forget-me-not tea tray is so pretty! I love the lace on the blue paper! The forget-me not's here and there add the perfect touch!

I know that you and the girls enjoy having tea in your beautiful yard... making sweet memories.

The blue cushions with the strawberries are so cute, and look so cheerful with the red and white gingham. I love your gorgeous teapot, teacup and saucer, and all the pretties on your pretty tray! It look so lovely sitting atop the iron bench.

Thank you for sharing your sweet project and the beautiful photos.

Love, Paula


Must be a modge podge virus going on..I just bought a new tub of it...two weeks ago...I am going to decoupage the molding around my craft room window...stay tuned....
enjoying the sunshine...and painting a hutch today with my sister outside...yesterday we made laundry soap....

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Clarice! What a lovely space to share tea time with your daughters!! I can only imagine that it is a tranquil spot to sit and have some good girly chats!

LOVE your tray! So pretty AND versatile!



Very, very pretty Clarice!


That's so cute. I may have to make one too. Love, Mom

Lavender Dreams

Very pretty! And thanks for the link! I want one now, too!


That is so pretty - and how nice to take tea outdoors! I am working on a tray for my coffee table using an old picture frame. Not sure if it will work out or not, but I am giving it a try!


Absolutely beautiful! I have several of these wooden trays (actually 3 in nested sizes) just waiting for me to get to them. I am planning on using greeting cards that have been sent to me --- that have emotional appeal, nostalgia, and beautiful themes --- and will mod podge them for a pretty tea tray.

I love your theme and the great ideas you shared! Another beautiful craft from Clarice!


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