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Rick-Rack and Polka Dots

Spring black 

I saw these shoes at Walmart ($10.00) and had to get them. I will confess I do not shop much at Walmart, but I got some really fun (and cheap) fashions there. So I think I may have to check out Walmart more often.

Spring black 2

As much as I loved these Mary Jane's, I still had to fanny them up a bit. I added rick-rack and a flower. I took regular rick-rack and narrow rick-rack, and stitched them together to make a rosette. I just glued them on with Fabri-Tac. They are staying on just fine. I think the rick-rack makes them perfect. Okay I am off to bed waiting for breakfast, with a stack of mags, for my third day of Mother's day. Sadly I have to go back to normal life tomorrow. :-P xoxoxox


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Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Everyone loves these shoes!

the pleasures of homemaking

Those are just too cute!



Those are too cute!!

Lavender Dreams

WOW! They are adorable! I may have to check them out at my Walmart...and I don't usually shop there! lol Love them!


Glad to see others shop at Walmart, too. I find everything I like there but usually not clothes for me. I DO like the shoes. Very succulent indeed. Linda


Brilliant, you always have so many inspiring ideas Clarice...I'm off to Walmart ASAP


Those are adorable!!! Don't you love Fabric-Tac? I keep a couple bottles close at hand.
Enjoy it!


Those shoes are so cute and I love what you did to them!!


Those are ADORABLE!!! You are so creative.


Dear Clarice,

You are so creative!!! I love the sweet shoes, and I love how you embellished them, so adorable!!!!

I am glad you are enjoying your Mother's Day celebration. You are a fabulous mom and deserve everything good and wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo

Love, Paula


Happy Mother's Day to an awesome mom! You have a precious family and they obviously all adore you! Well-deserved!

I love the embellished shoes --- cute, cute, cute!


Gumbo Lily

Very cute and I like your extra touches.


Pearl Maple

What a lucky find, they are the cutest thing a just perfect for enjoying the change of seasons. Have fun wearing them!

Cathy Santarsiero

Clever girl :)


I love the added embellishments.

Ah yes Walmart, cons and pros.
I hope your three days were blissful.

Jill xoo


Oh gosh, these are so cute! Polka dots and rick rack always make things just a bit more fun, I think. Great fabric in the background too!

Sharon D.

Clarice, those are just adorable! I love how you fancied them up. Too cute!


Those are so cute and I love how you gussied them up!!!


Dear Clarice,

Those are really adorable!




ACK! Those are ADORABLE!!!


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