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I do not like the ideas of my girls using plastic feminine pads, so I thought we would try making some and it was sooooo easy. Now there are a zillion tutorials on the subject (many much better then mine) but I wanted to make these as easy as I can. I took out any extra unneeded step. So if you do not really like to sew, these are about as easy as you can make.

You will need

flannel fabric (I used the skirt of the girls old dresses)

an old towel

snaps, *read more at the bottom of the post

Pads 1

1: To make a pattern, I just traced on paper a pad we wear (it is the kind with wings) and just made the wing part a bit longer for the snaps. Cut out two.

2: Take a old towel and cut a narrow piece for the center of the pad. You can cut several towels if you want a thicker pad.

Pads 2

3: First take one flannel piece and set towel piece in the center of it. Just sew a straight stitch down the center of the towel, this is to keep towel (s) from moving around. This is the side of the pad that will be against you. Now pin the other flannel piece on top, so the two flannel pieces match. Just sew all the way around the edge, so the towel is sandwich between the two flannel pieces. You will have a raw edge, but we did not find this to bother us.

4: Then you just add your snaps, you set your pad so the side with the sewn towel is against you and the wings wrap around your underpants and snap.

These can be washed and dried in machine. We keep a bucket of cold water in the bathroom and when one is dirty, we set it in the cold water, till we can wash it.

I made 8 pads in 20 minutes. Chloe cut the flannel pieces, Auberne the towels, I sewed them and we all added snaps. Do not stress about sewing them. They do NOT have to be perfect, after all you are the only seeing them. Just follow the edge line of the fabric.

For the snaps I really recommend Snapsource, Snapstter . It is soo easy to do, you can get fun colored snaps and you will find you can add snaps on so many thing. More, then I realized before I had Snapsetter.

Lastly if you still do not think you want to try making pads but are interested in buy some I highly recommend Crea*tiveMama. I originally bought two for the girls to see if they like them before we tried making them ourselves. Crea8tiveMama's are really well made and a very good price. Tell her Storybook Woods sent you xoxox 


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Just because one is out of the "need" for them doesn't mean they aren't handy. sometimes I still use even though I had to have an emergency hysterectomy a few years ago. there are still other fluids that can happen even when menses isn't the issue any longer. :) Sorry if that's TMI, but as women it's something we have to think about.

Ana Braga-Henebry

I only used my homemade ones for the last fifteen years or more of my cycles, as I became quite allergic to the paper ones. I made them of just flannel, and doubled when needed... They don't leak, and they don't "move" either if you use all cotton underwear. I made a big squarish rectangle of three flannel layers and folded in two or three depending on flow, plus I made littler rectangles to use as inserts as needed. No velcro, no snaps needed. They wash well in the machine too. Another thing, they never smelled bad as paper ones do. Go figure. They were awesome. I have never however asked my daughters if they wanted to use homemade ones. I don't even think they ever new I used them.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Great tutorial Clairice. I've always read about them but never knew anyone that had ever used them or made them.


Junie Moon

I've read about these but am long past the need myself so haven't given it a try. I'm going to pose the question to my daughter and see if she'd like me to make her some using your tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing this as I truly think it's a good idea.


Thanks for you nice comments Clarice.
I have to say I hadn't heard of doing this, but it makes sense.
Great job!


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial and photos! Those are so much safer to use!

Love, Paula

Lady Lavender (Angelique)

I just wanted to share a our experience as my daughter and I do use cloth ones. They do hold moisture well, it all depends on how many inserts you put.We found that on especially heavy days we put extra. I need to make new ones and one of the things I am going to do differently is to make them with square ends versed oval. I find that just like regular pads it can bunch and create a way for it "leak". We use long safety pins also,which I first thought that is crazy, until I realized we could do it safely. I like it because it allow me to pin down most of my wings for a secure fit. I hope someone finds this helpful. I wouldn't change it for the world. We also used a flannel sheet and the second time around intend on making double the amount of inserts.I also made one for a pattern so that my daughter and I can do cutting together. We also like that we control length and width.
Shalom Lady Lavender

Gumbo Lily

I have a question. Do they hold the moisture well or is there any "leakage"? Once upon a time I thought of making these, but now I don't need them. I like the snap idea.



Dear Clarice,

What a great tutorial! I really have to make some for myself and for my girls, as they get older. Those look a lot nicer than ones I have purchased in the past.

Thanks so much for taking the time to put this on here.



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