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Espresso Sugar

Espresso sugar

When I was a child my favorite treat was cinnamon toast. Taking squishy bread, adding nice thick layer of softened butter and a sprinkling cinnamon sugar over the top . Then put the whole thing under the broiler and watch the sugar get all carmel'ly. I made sure to pull it out just before the bread burns, heaven!

I wanted a "grown up" version of this treat, so I came up with espresso sugar. It is just like cinnamon sugar but with espresso.


Esp sug2

Espresso sugar

1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 TBL instant espresso powder

mix together and store in ajar with a tight lid.

Take a slice of lovely boule, of course still slather it with softened butter and sprinkle a thick layer of espresso sugar. I will say you can adjust the amount of espresso powder to you liking. 1 TBL. give a light coffee flavor, 2 TBL has intense, almost bitter flavor (this is my fav.) I posted 1 1/2 TBL for a middle of the road but like I said play with the amount until you find what you love. You can also use ground coffee, just make sure it is a very fine ground.

Because the coffee can burn easier, do not let it caramelize too long under a broiler. This is soo good. I made a tag you can print it up if you want to make this as a gift  xox 

ps. make sure you check out my espressodoodle, made with the espresso sugar !!



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Sounds absolutely delightful!!! Thank you for reposting, Clarice! :)


I have some expresso powder in my pantry, great staple and wonderful idea.

Molly McGovern

My husband will love this, I think I willmake him some for Fathers Day! Thanks Clarice:)

Pearl Maple

Yumm !
We all love cinnamon toast, this adult version is sounding even tastier, if that is possible. Off to find the sugar bowl.


That was one of our favorite too! I remember one Saturday mom let us (my brother and I) eat over a half a loaf of it between the two of us. Thanks for bring the memory back as I had totally forgotten about that. Us eating as fast as we could make them. :)


I wonder if I'd like this. I LOVE cinnamon toast but I don't like the taste of coffee. I'm always willing to give things a try but I'd need to be in the vicinity of espresso powd...*taking a moment to stop laughing my butt off* espresso powder, as I was saying, which won't happen in this podunk little village. I may yet get some during my professional development days coming up very soon. I've seen this powder in so many other things I want to try.

sweet cottage dreams

I love how you take coffee to the next leval! I was watching Food Network the other day and Giada was making french toast using Boule. Looked devine...I could almost smellllll it!


Gumbo Lily

I just made fresh bread last night. It's time for cinnamon toast (or espresso toast). You think of the best ideas.


Sharon D.

I must try this! My honey will love it! Thanks Clarice :)

Junie Moon

Oh, I do remember cinnamon toast. Just thinking about it brings back memories of my grandmother and mother making it for me.

I love the fabric in your photo. I used it last year to make an apron for a swap and really enjoyed the little houses in the design.


Love cinnamon toast...I'll have to give this a try.


Yum! What a FAB idea. I will try for sure...


I still love cinnamon toast! This sounds like a wonderful treat too. Thank you!


Great Clarice!!
I remember making that toast as a kid!!


Dear Clarice,

Thank you for the recipe and all the links! This sounds so good. I know my men would love it! Your label is so sweet, thanks for sharing it! I love how you write about food!
xo Paula


Thanks Clarice for commenting on my post, you may be able to buy those magazines, I bought them online. xxx

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