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But I Do Not Want To Throw The Cup Away


I love this antique wedgewood cup but it has a fine crack that leaks liquid. I did not want to throw it away. I realized it works perfect as a scoop in my big flour bucket.

Speaking of flour I have to say I have been doing the 5-minute bread for over a year now. I bake a loaf of bread just about every day and it has changed my world. If you have not looking into 5-minute bread I encourage you to do so. Thanks to Paula, I found out there is video showing you just how easy it is.

Also thanks to Jody, I found another video showing how to shape different styles of bread. Thank you ladies xoxox

Really it is all so easy but seeing someone do it can really help. I wish I could just have all of you over and we could bake bread together. This will have to do instead.

Have a wonderful weekend. I know it is a holiday for most of you. My hubby works, so it is not really a holiday for us but we are having a weekend of sun, so that alone makes the weekend feel special. Thank you also thank you for your kind comments about my jewelry and Bessie bag. Eat something yummy and think of me  xox


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What a charming idea! I'm going to look into the 5 minute bread soon.


Clarice, Monday was a work day on the farm, also. for my dh. 5 minute bread sounds wonderful, something I need to try. Love the videos, too. I like your "repurposing" of the pretty cup, too. Great idea. Abby


You always have the best blog posts!!
Love that you found a way to use this pretty cup. Bread baking sounds like a fun day.

Junie Moon

What a great way to re-purpose a favorite cup; I'll have to remember that. I love the 5-minute Bread recipe, too. I especially love the fresh-baked bread aroma that results when baking. It's almost as good as that first yummy bite.

Andrea Singarella

Thank you for the link to the bread. I am SO going to start doing this! Been wanting to for a while now and just never have...
I use an old teacup in my flour and sugar jars just like you. :)

Lady Lavender (Angelique)

Dear Friend,

Thank you for sharing the artisan bread resource. I do have a question, How does it lend itself to wholewheat recipes???

Thank You Lady Lavender


What a great idea with the cup! I have a few things like that, that I just can't part with. I just no one else would appreciate them and they wouldn't find a nice home. I'm going to have to make more effort to give my chippy things a more honorable job! Karen

Gumbo Lily

I would not have thrown the cup away either! I love it as a nice measuring cup. Perfect!

My DIL just bought the book Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day and it's on loan to me at the moment. Even though I have been making bread for 25 years or more, there's still more to learn. This is a terrific book with lots and lots of recipes besides bread.

I'd love to spend time baking bread with you too.




I agree with you and what a wonderful flour scoop you have now, perfect.

Sun, ah yes!

I would imagine you will be outdoors tending to your garden and the girls will be busy creating new and wonderful things. I can almost picture the three of you now.

Enjoy the sunny days.

Jill xoo


Super idea Clarice!!! I have a bunch of cups that I love but don't use. This well be an excellent way to use them.

I've been doing the Artisan bread for about a year too. I have also do the Brioche. I've made pizzas, rolls, and cinnamon rolls with the stuff. It has changed my life! LOL!


A very beautiful idea for your teacup! Love it! I think I may check out the 5-minute bread, too. Sounds interesting.

Sharon D.

I absolutely love the idea of using your sweet tea cup for flour. I have seen that recently but I need to find a tea cup that isn't quite as delicate as the ones I have :) It looks so charming :)

I love making bread. It's very therapeutic for me. I love the feel of a good dough. Thanks for posting the links. I will have to check them out for sure.

Have a great weekend Clarice!



Great idea, and thanks for the links! You always find the neatest stuff!


Hey, bloglines picked this post up in a timely fashion!


great idea!!! I am off to Curves and a Ladyes Tea today.Hope you have a great weekend sweets !!

Hugs, Mica


I'm extremely fond of Wedgwood so I love your clever reuse! How much more special is the bread when this lovely cup has been used in place of a cold, hard metal scoop.


We too are enjoying our beloved is working on our house...I am putzing in the sitting...and just being thankful for this WARM...wonderful skies...ahhhh....Bliss...
I will look at the recipe..I have been off of all *whites---10 days or so sugar, white flour etc*..trying to improve my energy and possibly get a bit healthier is my prayer and desire.


Very clever Clarice! I use an old metal measuring scoop for our kitty food! I too love to bake bread, though I don't get to it everyday, just a few times a week!
Enjoy this glorious sunshine we are being blessed with and have a wonderful weekend!


Dear Clarice,

I love the idea of using your pretty, but cracked cup for a flour scoop! I could not have thrown it out either! I wish I could come over and bake bread with you!!!

Enjoy your sunny weekend!
Love, Paula

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