Raw Cucumber Soup
But I Do Not Want To Throw The Cup Away

Bessie, Lily, Victoria and Megan


I have new listing in my shop. Bessie a hand smocked purse, Lily a beaded Lily of the valley pin. Also two cuffs, Victoria and Megan.

I hope everyone is having a rosey day. It has been cold and raining but the sun is suppose to come out. My peas and potatoes are doing well. But I am really wanted to plant green beans and zucchini. Does everyone have a veggie garden?? I actually do not like gardening. But I love to eat and feel I really need to make the most of our property xoxox



Megan 4


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Everything looks so cute and colorful!!!
We do have a veggie garden. I don't much like it either, well I don't like weeding.
We have about 10-12 rows of corn, about 5-7 rows of beans. My husband planted what looks to be about 20 tomatoe plants. I love my fresh tomato but I think that's just a bit much. He also put in a couple melons, cucumbers and bell peppers. I planted okra. My son planted carrots.


Just beautiful! I especially love the sweet lily of the valley pin!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

The things you make are so cute and so hip looking!!! Love the fabrics you use.



CUTE purse! No garden here -- we have too much shade -- boohoo.

The Pleasures of Homemaking

Very pretty new creations Clarice! I love gardening! I'd rather be outside weeding than inside dusting that's for sure LOL!



Hi Clarice,
Love all of your new creations!! Hope the weather gets better soon.
Enjoy the long weekend!


Dear Clarice,

I love your latest creations! You sew beautifully! Bessie is so sweet! I love the smocking and fabrics you used and that cow is darling! You know how I want a pet Jersey!

The lily pin is gorgeous, so vintage and Victorian looking! The cuffs are gorgeous, too! I love them both, beautiful fabric, embellishments and attention to detail.

I love to garden and enjoy it so much. We have a lot planted and pray it all does well and produces lots of good organic veggies and herbs to eat and flowers to enjoy!

I hope you can plant your zucchini and beans soon! I am proud of you for having a veggie garden. Even though you don't like to garden, you will enjoy all the fresh food from you own backyard.

Love you,



Love all the hand-made creations!

No garden for us this year, too many tree's!
I will miss it but can purchase fresh produce at the downtown market once everything kicks in.
The hand-smocked bag, soooo cute!

Jill xoo

Junie Moon

I love the creations you're making. As well as being pretty, the actual process must be a lot of fun.

I do have a vegetable and herb garden as best I can here in Tucson. I'm growing cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, parsley, zucchini, artichoke, and green peppers (I hope I've not forgotten anything). It brings me a lot of pleasure and all that grows is being given to our local food bank.

Sharon D.

I especially love the purse Clarice (I like cows :)), everything is just beautiful :)

I haven't planted my garden yet. We don't plant here until after Memorial Day, needless to say we have a short growing season :)

I like to make the most of property too we we are going to have a little bigger garden this year and planting some new things like Dragon Carrots, Chinese Red Meat Radishes, Swiss Chard, and Snow Peas.Stock up on canning jars or freezer bags for your Green beans :) They are wonderful producers and tastes so good!

Pearl Maple

You are ever so creative. Good luck with the sales, they look like great little gift items.


love the smocked bag...the cuffs are sweet too along with the pin. Have a nice rainy day,That's one thing I do not miss in Washington... at least right now.

Hugs, Mica


Such pretty cuffs.

I have a garden and I'm waiting another week or so to plant my green beans and zucchini - it's just still so cold. But it IS warming up so I have hope.
I love spending summer mornings in the garden - I have to make myself do my inside work first, otherwise I'll spend ALL day in the garden.



The purse is so cute, I love the cow!
We have a rather large garden, as growing our own helps cut down on the food budget and there is nothing better than going "shopping" for fresh veggies in your own garden!

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