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I hope you do not mind me tooting my own horn. I just found out Amazon has decided to sell my baking issue. I do not know how they found it, I did not tell them. It is the soft covered book, not the pdf file. I still have my Lulu store which has both. Anyways I am posting because I was hoping if any of you readers who already own it, would mind going to Amazon and writing a review. I really appreciate it, thank you xoxoxox


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Gumbo Lily

Congratulations Clarice! I'm so glad that Amazon has "found" you too. They'll be glad they did.

Do you have a new book idea in mind?


The Pleasures of Homemaking

How amazing and wonderful! I do have the pdf one and I'll stop by to write a review! How exciting is this!


Pearl Maple

You do have some lovely recipes to share.


That is so exciting, Clarice!! I love the photo in the picture with the recipe. So quaint.


Oh my goodness! That's wonderful news Clarice! Now, you'll be in the Library of Congress. Isn't that cool?

I love my issue of the book, and my friends and sister have enjoyed looking at it too. It's full of all sorts of interesting information and recipes that are a bit different. I like that about it.


WOW ~ how eXciting!!! So happy for you. Congratulations and best wishes for lots of sales.


I'm so happy about this! How did I ever miss getting this!! I'm going to get my copy now. It's time you were discovered---don't forget we knew you "when"! You have always been so generous in sharing your creativity, inspiration, and personality. Tooting along with you, dear.


That is wonderful news and isn't it wonderful making money on something you love to do. Keep the books coming. I love mine. Christy


That is just too cool! Congrats!!!

Sharon D.

How Awesome Clarice!!! I am so proud of you, that's wonderful. I also have not purchased your book yet, but plan on it when things are more stable :) I am so happy for you, what a wonderful blessing :)


Clarice, that is wonderful!! Good Luck!!


Wow - that's awesome. Congratulations!


Congratulations Clarice!!!


Dear Clarice,

I haven't bought your book yet, but I know it must be perfect!

Enjoy your day there with your girls.




Hee, Hee, I was the first to write a review!

Congratulations Clarice I am so proud of you!

Jill xoo

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