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One of my new favorite blogs is Styling by Coty Farquhar. I hope when I grow up one day I can create such a beautiful blog.

3349288749_a8af0983ea_b  Carrot Tutorial at Rose Cottage by the Lake

Dec-16-pics-001-500x375  Overnight chicken stock in crock-pot at Nourishing Days (who I found through Prairie Mouse, thank you)

Spring_basket  Spring basket at Maya*Made

Butter-rolling-pin  How to soften butter quickly at Simply Recipes

Larkrise460  BBC Lark Rise on Candleford on Youtube

Speaking of things I love, I have opened an Amazon Shop with recommendation of things I love. For each item I written why I think it is a worthy item. Rigtht now I have 7 things listed but hope to add more. The is a link on the right side of my blog.

Ad-featuredOn  Also thank you to One Pretty Things (which is a wonderful blog of creative links) and Whip-up for featuring my silhouette cake plate tutorial.


PS. just a reminder you can now get my posts e-mailed to you. Just click on the chair on the left side of my blog xoxoxo


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Thank you for the lovely links! I always love the sites that you recommend.


Clarice, thank you for the Lark Rise link--I have read and enjoyed the book. Now I can watch the movie!!


Lovely and inspiring..

Jill xoo


Hi there,
You have a lot going on. Thanks for all of the tips and info.
Have a great evening.

the pleasures of homemaking

Thanks for the links Clarice! I always love to see what you recommend especially in books and movies. I put "All Passion Spent" on my Netflix que.


Styling by Coty Farquhar

Hi Clarice,

I am absolutely thrilled by what you have said, I am honoured that you would want to have a blog like mine. I just love blogging so much and especially meeting such wonderful people.

Thank you so very much and I am all the more motivated to do much more when lovely people like you write such nice things.

I will be back to visit you often,

xx and a huge hug, Coty


Love all the beautiful links!! I actually saved that one with the carrots and Easter tree!!


Aww, you're welcome! Thanks so much for the shout-out. What a lovely list of beautiful things!


Dear Clarice,

What a lot of lovely things you love!
Thanks especially for the Lark Rise to Candleford link; I had seen it before.



Sharon D.

Hi Clarice!

Well it looks like I'm going to be spending some time checking out what you posted :)

I love the idea of stock overnight, I'm definitely going to try that.

Congratulations on being featured on One Pretty Thing. I saw that when I saw Paula's carrot tutorial.

Thanks for visiting my blog, it's very primitive right now until I learn more. I do hope that you will be feeling better soon!


Dear Clarice,
Thank you for sharing the things you love and all the links! You are so sweet to include my carrot tutorial! That is such a blessing to me! Coty Farquhar's blog is beautiful, but so is yours. You have created a beautiful blog!!! Your blog is one of the things I love!!! All the links look fabulous! We cook our lamb bones in a crockpot overnight for our broth and it always turns out so rich and good! The spring basket is so sweet and that is a great way to soften butter!

I love Larkrise to Candleford!!!

Your Amazon store is wonderful and I love seeing all your recommendations!!!

Congratulations for being featured on One Pretty Thing and Whip Up! Your cake plate tutorial is fabulous!!!

Have a lovely day!
Love, Paula

Junie Moon

What a wonderful list of things you love. I'll have to explore each and every link. It's so fun to learn about new ideas and items that someone loves because most probably I'll love them, too. Thank you!


Boy, that's a lot of love in there! Thanks for the links to the chicken stock and butter -- excellent tips!


Thank you for all the wonderful links…
Especially the link to
Lark Rise to Candleford, I am hooked.

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