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Spring brown 

Well laziness pays off, sometimes ;-p

I was given some free furniture, including this pretty cabinet. Great lines but boring. I had planned on painting it white. I took it outside to paint, put on my first coat and came out later to check it. It was COVERED with dead gnats stuck to the paint. Half of them came off but left little blood streaks (I know more info then you wanted to know)  SO, after sanding most of it off and quite frankly not wanting to ever see the cabinet again, I stood back and said cool. I love it. I painted the knobs a pretty blue and called it done. Someday day, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the road I might paint the whole thing but it is full of my fabric now and I am happy xoxox


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It looks great just the way it is...but the story behind it is the best.


Well, those blasted gnats are good for seomthing afterall!


the pleasures of homemaking

Well that had a happy outcome! It looks good like that. I know, the gnats and ants are the bain of my existence when I have something I'm painting outside!


Mica Garbarino

I just love when an accident turns out great.I reallllly like it !! Good job Clarice !!! Hugs, Mica

Pearl Maple

Lovely lines and yes somedays it is like that, for now the cute blue knobs are making a statement and that is all that matters.

Have a great weekend.


Looks great to me! I love that piece! Sometimes things just happen and you end up loving what has happened unexpectedly! Enjoy!


Oh Clarice!! I love it!! I love me some brown though...


Well, you know how I feel about brown, love it!

Jill xoo


Dear Clarice,

It looks well-loved that way! The blue knobs are just the perfect touch.



Junie Moon

Isn't it amazing how something as simple as gnats getting stuck in your paint causes you reflect on your project and realize that it's fine just as it is? I like the addition of the blue knobs.

Cathy Santarsiero

What we artists like to call a 'happy accident.' xo -C ^..^


Oh Clarice,
I love it!!!! I think is is so shabby sweet and romantic looking. It is a great cabinet, and the perfect thing to store your fabric in! I love the blue knobs! I am sorry about the bugs, but I am glad it turned out so pretty in the end! Enjoy it! Love that tin on top, too. :)

I look forward to more of your spring vignettes!

Love, Paula

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