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Paper Bag Server

Paper bag 

We eat a lot of raw veggies. A simple way to serve them, just take the paper bag you used to buy them with. I roll down the sides and have a quick bowl, Easy, cheap, reuse. Buy the way I served these veggies with a cucumber dip .


Thank you for the kind comments to Chloe, it means so much to both of us and encourages her. I also wanted to let you know I have opened an Etsy shop (there is also a link on the right side of the blog) and put my jewelry in it. Thank you xoxoxo


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Gumbo Lily

Now that's my kind of serving dish! I love cucumber dip. MMMMmmmmm.

Best wishes on your new Etsy Shop.



Dear Clarice,

What a great and useful idea! Reduce, reuse, recycle.

And Chloe's ideas are very inventive and sweet (If I may use that word); keep it up!




Hi Clarice!

What a perfect idea for Earth day!! and sounds so yummy too! I love eating the sugar snap peas fresh from the garden! Really cute idea!!

Hugs, Cynthia


This is an idea that I've used before too, but with mixed nuts in the shell. Then, I use another paper bag for the shells.

Cucumber dip sounds really good!



And Hoooray for your new Etsy shop!! :)

Junie Moon

I love the simple presentation using a paper bag. The cucumber dip sounds perfect for serving with raw vegetables. How wonderful you've started an Etsy shop, I'm considering the same venture.


Brilliant, a girl after my own heart!


Paper bag is great!!!
So glad you post these ideas for us.
Checking out your shop.


Looks so cute and yummy that way!! Can't wait to try that dip...

Mica Garbarino

The perfect little nest for goodies !! Chloe, your fun creations are adorable. I wish you the best in selling your delightful goods !!! Hope all is well !! Busy over here on last minute things for the ConveZioNE !! Hugs to you !! Mica


I love paper bags, newspaper too.

I have been meaning to comment on Chloe's designs.
Chloe, I love the fact you're making things and selling them! Keep up the creative flow.

Jill xoo


Dearest Clarice,

What a gorgeous photo... as always, and such a clever idea! The veggies look so good, and your vignette is beautiful! You have a great eye for styling!

I am so excited you opened an Etsy shop!

Love, Paula

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