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Lavender Seabeck

Seaabeck april 

We celebrated Easter a couple of days early and went to Seabeck. It was a lovely morning that started off dizzily, but the sun finally broke out. We spent time walking the beach looking at shells. The tide was out and there were dozens and dozens of large star fish. It was dead quite, like our own world. We sat on the porch and dreamed that we lived there. My hubby even found me a gold ring in the sand. A wonderful day of wishes and dreams.

Seabeackk april 

Seabeck april 

Seebeck april 

Seabeckk april Seabeck appril


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What a lovely place!!


What a gorgeous place to dream Clarice...we have nothing like that in England.


Oh my goodness, what beautiful photographs these are, Clarice. I so rarely see starfish anymore. What a special place. I think I see an outing in my future coming up.

Cathy Santarsiero

Such a pretty place!

Tracey McBride

Absolutely lovely Clarice! Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us!


what a beautiful place...
Great pictures,the starfish is amazing..

I would love to live there too...


It looks like a Storybook spot! :)
I bet you guys had a wonderful time. Day dreaming and all.
I didn't know star fish were red! I guess you learn something new everyday.


It looks lovely!


Oh, what a beautiful place for a getaway, Clarice! I love the starfish and shell!


It looks much like summer!! Sounds like you had a wonderfulmday. Thanks for your kind words. Dianntha


It looks very tranquil and lovely; I will have to go there next time I am on "the peninsula".


Gumbo Lily

What a romantic day.


Pearl Maple

Hope you and the family are enjoying a pleasant break over Easter.


Clarice, absolutely beautiful!! I love all the pics and I'm really glad you had a nice visit! Thanks for sharing!

Lavender Dreamer

What beautiful photos! Perfect for my lavender day! Love your new jewelry, too! Very nice!


Dearest Clarice,

What a beautiful post my sweet friend! The photos are just lovely, and I can certainly see why you would love to live there. It is gorgeous, and so very peaceful! I am so happy you and your dear ones had such a happy day filled with a found treasure, wishes and dreams! The home is incredibly beautiful, and the starfish and shell have me in awe of God's beautiful creation!

Thank you for sharing lovely 'lavender' Seabeck!

Love to you,

P.S. My Mora necklace arrived, and I LOVE it. You are so talented and creative!!! It is very beautiful and I will treasure it! You know how I love pink, and birds and flowers! xoxo

Melanie SwensonM

All I can say; "BEAUTIFUL"


It's so beautiful, Clarice, and I'm glad you had a quiet day away with your husband. There's nothing like going down to the seashore to clear away the cobwebs and restore a sense of peace.

Sharon D.

What a sweet time :) I'm glad that you and your honey had some wonderful, quality time together. Imagine, finding a gold ring in the sand! The photos are just beautiful and the bungalow so cute! Thanks so much for sharing and making me smile :)


How very beautiful and romantic. Such pleasures nature provides. You were blessed!



What wonderful photos, Clarice! Lavender indeed! I'm glad you guys had fun and the rain stopped for a moment for you.

See you soon-

Junie Moon

What a wonderful outing. Seabeck looks like a lovely place to relax and do a bit of contemplating. What fun finds: a gold ring, starfish, shells, peace, quiet, and so on.

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