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Sold: Rosabella, is a 20" chain with five ruby red glass beads. I made a 3" rosette pin with a vintage button. It can be pined to the chain or worn on it's own. Rosabella is $14.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note * 


Sold: Sandra is a 18 1/2" long necklace. It has a silver branch with two different chains. I made a rosette from antique tatted lace and added a snail shell. Since the shell is fragile I am also going to include an antique mother of pearl button, in-case the shell breaks. Sandra is $14.00 and $3.00 shipping. I am charging  a bit more for shipping because I will have to package this more carefully because of the shell, see note *


Sold : Junie is a 16 1/2" long necklace. Two chains, one with fabric rosettes. I added antique glass beads to center of each rosette. Junie is $10.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note *


Sophia is a 19" length chain, with a 2 3/4" cameo pendent. The pendent is wool felt with a reddish purple polka dot fabric and a black and white cameo. Sophia is $12.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note *

Bella cuff 

Bella is a 10" long cuff made from denim. A fabric rosette with robin-egg blue rick rack and a vintage cherry red button. I made the cuff long, so you could move the button to fit your wrist. Bella is $7.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note * 


Mora is a 21" necklace. There is a branch with birds and a nest, two pink vintage glass beads, a rosette with an antique mother of pearl button. The necklace clap is on the side, under the rosette. Mora is $14.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note *

*Note: I will ship out if the US, I will just have to fiqure out shipping. If you see a piece you want, e-mail me at

[email protected]

tell me the name of the piece you want and your address. You can pay pay-pal or check. Just let me know what you would like. Thank you xoxox


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Sweet Cottage Dreams

Oh...I spoke to soon with the comment I left above! These are gorgeous!!!! That cuff bracelet is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!



Those are too cute!! Thanks again for making that squirrel washcloth!! I love it!!

the pleasures of homemaking

Clarice, those are so adorable! You've been busy and creative as usual. I think the Junie and the Sandra are my favorites!


Junie Moon

What lovely pieces you've made. Each one is very special and unique.


Lovely work, Clarice! I'm sure you had as much fun making the pieces are we have oohing and ahhing over them!


Love the jewelry..



You have been a busy girl!
My favorite is the Sandra one. Very unique!


The pictures turned out great. They look beautiful.


Dearest Clarice,
I LOVE all your jewelry!!! You are so creative! The fabric flowers are so sweet, and I love the tatted lace with the shell, the glass beads, vintage buttons, and cameo are all so pretty! You color combinations are fabulous! Thank you so much for making a Mora for me, too! I love it, with those sweet birds, the nest and the pink beads and flower! I am so excited!!!

Love, Paula

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