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Jewlary sale 

Well you guys were so kind about my cheap chain trick, you got my creative brain going (and that can be a scary thing ;-) I have been dreaming, sketching and playing with making jewelry for a couple of weeks. I have 6 pieces for sale. Come back tomorrow, 12.00 noon (Pacific time), Tuesday 14th. if you see anything you like. There will be more detailed pictures and information. It will be a first come, first serve basis. I am not sure if I will do more. I still have plenty of ideas floating around in my head, but we will see how these do.  I will say just about each piece is a combination of jewelry findings, fabric and something vintage. That was my goal. Thank you dear readers for inspiring and encouraging me xoxoxo


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Lots of wonderful creativity, Clarice. I'm happy that you've been enjoying such a creative endeavor. Best Wishes!

country mouse

I think the "Mora" is my favorite : )

Cathy Santarsiero

Very pretty, Clarice!

Sharon D.

Your jewelry designs are so pretty Clarice! You certainly are inspiring :)

Gumbo Lily

And THIS is what you've been doing in the frig?????? (really nifty bangles)



Those are so cute!! Hope you had a Happy Easter!!


Dearest Clarice,

Your jewelry is so beautiful!!! I LOVE it all!!! You are so creative and talented!!! The photos are lovely, and I look forward to seeing more tomorrow! xoxo

Love, Paula


Love these Clarice!!
You have got talent for this.
Keep it up!


Good luck to you...they are beautiful. Dianntha


What a creative and clever woman you are Clarice...everything is lovely....

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