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Spring Red

Spring red 

Well this is my last spring color post, another vignette from the Christmas House. I wanted to thank you for all the kind comments, it means soo much to me. Especially since I have no clue what I am doing when I take a picture. But you help me to be brave, to just keep on. I am going to take a week off for Mothers Day. Our weekend is in the middle of the week and I want a whole weekend with no cleaning and cooking. That is my gift, (I am sure there will be some chocolate in the mix too ;) but I will be back soon xoxox


Spring Brown

Spring brown 

Well laziness pays off, sometimes ;-p

I was given some free furniture, including this pretty cabinet. Great lines but boring. I had planned on painting it white. I took it outside to paint, put on my first coat and came out later to check it. It was COVERED with dead gnats stuck to the paint. Half of them came off but left little blood streaks (I know more info then you wanted to know)  SO, after sanding most of it off and quite frankly not wanting to ever see the cabinet again, I stood back and said cool. I love it. I painted the knobs a pretty blue and called it done. Someday day, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the road I might paint the whole thing but it is full of my fabric now and I am happy xoxox

Paper Bag Server

Paper bag 

We eat a lot of raw veggies. A simple way to serve them, just take the paper bag you used to buy them with. I roll down the sides and have a quick bowl, Easy, cheap, reuse. Buy the way I served these veggies with a cucumber dip .


Thank you for the kind comments to Chloe, it means so much to both of us and encourages her. I also wanted to let you know I have opened an Etsy shop (there is also a link on the right side of the blog) and put my jewelry in it. Thank you xoxoxo

Lavender Seabeck

Seaabeck april 

We celebrated Easter a couple of days early and went to Seabeck. It was a lovely morning that started off dizzily, but the sun finally broke out. We spent time walking the beach looking at shells. The tide was out and there were dozens and dozens of large star fish. It was dead quite, like our own world. We sat on the porch and dreamed that we lived there. My hubby even found me a gold ring in the sand. A wonderful day of wishes and dreams.

Seabeackk april 

Seabeck april 

Seebeck april 

Seabeckk april Seabeck appril

Jewelry For Sale


Sold: Rosabella, is a 20" chain with five ruby red glass beads. I made a 3" rosette pin with a vintage button. It can be pined to the chain or worn on it's own. Rosabella is $14.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note * 


Sold: Sandra is a 18 1/2" long necklace. It has a silver branch with two different chains. I made a rosette from antique tatted lace and added a snail shell. Since the shell is fragile I am also going to include an antique mother of pearl button, in-case the shell breaks. Sandra is $14.00 and $3.00 shipping. I am charging  a bit more for shipping because I will have to package this more carefully because of the shell, see note *


Sold : Junie is a 16 1/2" long necklace. Two chains, one with fabric rosettes. I added antique glass beads to center of each rosette. Junie is $10.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note *


Sophia is a 19" length chain, with a 2 3/4" cameo pendent. The pendent is wool felt with a reddish purple polka dot fabric and a black and white cameo. Sophia is $12.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note *

Bella cuff 

Bella is a 10" long cuff made from denim. A fabric rosette with robin-egg blue rick rack and a vintage cherry red button. I made the cuff long, so you could move the button to fit your wrist. Bella is $7.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note * 


Mora is a 21" necklace. There is a branch with birds and a nest, two pink vintage glass beads, a rosette with an antique mother of pearl button. The necklace clap is on the side, under the rosette. Mora is $14.00 with $2.00 shipping, see note *

*Note: I will ship out if the US, I will just have to fiqure out shipping. If you see a piece you want, e-mail me at

[email protected]

tell me the name of the piece you want and your address. You can pay pay-pal or check. Just let me know what you would like. Thank you xoxox

It Is All Your Fault

Jewlary sale 

Well you guys were so kind about my cheap chain trick, you got my creative brain going (and that can be a scary thing ;-) I have been dreaming, sketching and playing with making jewelry for a couple of weeks. I have 6 pieces for sale. Come back tomorrow, 12.00 noon (Pacific time), Tuesday 14th. if you see anything you like. There will be more detailed pictures and information. It will be a first come, first serve basis. I am not sure if I will do more. I still have plenty of ideas floating around in my head, but we will see how these do.  I will say just about each piece is a combination of jewelry findings, fabric and something vintage. That was my goal. Thank you dear readers for inspiring and encouraging me xoxoxo


PS. a reminder, you can get my posts e-mailed to you. Just click on the chair on the left side of my blog.

I Am Lost In the Fridge

I will be back but I am lost in the fridge ;-p

No, I have a surprise I am working on, I will be back soon to share more. Have a good laugh till then xoxoxoxox

PS. It is better if you watch it on high quality, the HQ button. Also do not forget you can not get my posts e-mailed to you. Just click on the chair, down on the left side of my blog.

Things I Love


One of my new favorite blogs is Styling by Coty Farquhar. I hope when I grow up one day I can create such a beautiful blog.

3349288749_a8af0983ea_b  Carrot Tutorial at Rose Cottage by the Lake

Dec-16-pics-001-500x375  Overnight chicken stock in crock-pot at Nourishing Days (who I found through Prairie Mouse, thank you)

Spring_basket  Spring basket at Maya*Made

Butter-rolling-pin  How to soften butter quickly at Simply Recipes

Larkrise460  BBC Lark Rise on Candleford on Youtube

Speaking of things I love, I have opened an Amazon Shop with recommendation of things I love. For each item I written why I think it is a worthy item. Rigtht now I have 7 things listed but hope to add more. The is a link on the right side of my blog.

Ad-featuredOn  Also thank you to One Pretty Things (which is a wonderful blog of creative links) and Whip-up for featuring my silhouette cake plate tutorial.


PS. just a reminder you can now get my posts e-mailed to you. Just click on the chair on the left side of my blog xoxoxo

13 And Chocolate Pancakes

Chloe 13 

My baby turns 13 today. Waaa no more little girls. I had to watch the animated Peter Rabbit movie by myself the other day {;o

For her birthday breakfast-in-bed she wanted chocolate pancakes with sliced bananas and whipped cream, fresh strawberries on the side, bacon and pink lemonade. For dinner she wants swiss cheese, bacon, mushroom pizza (from Central market), soda and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Sounds like she turned 13.

I had to laugh because I ALWAYS make my own whipped cream (it is cheaper, not as sweet and just plain better), so I surprised Chloe and bought the canned stuff, she was soooo excited. Over the moon.

Happy birthday sweetpea, you are growing into a beautiful, giving, creative young lady. You rock xoxoxo

Chocolate Pancakes, see note below

2 cups flour

1/4 cup coco powder

1 TBL baking powder

1.2 tsp. salt

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup chocolate milk or soy milk

4 tsp. melted butter, cooled

2 eggs

1/4 cup chopped chocolate

Run flour, coco powder, baking powder thought sieve to get rid of lumps. Pour into a larger bowl and add salt and chopped chocolate. In another small bowl whisk together eggs, milk and butter. Then mix wet into dry. If batter is too thick, add a bit ore milk, till you get the consistency you like. Ladle batter into hot butter pan. Wait till edges look cooked and little bubble cover the surface. Then flip and cook other side.


you can use whole wheat pastry flour instead. I like chopped chocolate because chips just seemed to big to me and grated chocolate seemed to small. But remember please your palate, not mine !!!