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A Joyous Easter

I Am Lost In the Fridge

I will be back but I am lost in the fridge ;-p

No, I have a surprise I am working on, I will be back soon to share more. Have a good laugh till then xoxoxoxox

PS. It is better if you watch it on high quality, the HQ button. Also do not forget you can not get my posts e-mailed to you. Just click on the chair, down on the left side of my blog.


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Now that giggle was the perfect way to start a Friday :) Thanks for that.


karla nathan

That is exactly how I am feeling right now with a fridge full of Easter dinner leftovers!

Mica Garbarino

Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter Sunday !!!Hugs your way, Mica

Sharon D.

Hi Clarice!

Thanks for sharing that video and making me smile :) I have to admit I have done the syrup thing too! I am anxiously awaiting your surprise :)


I watch that video over and is so the story of my life...LOL!

Hey, just wanted you to know I've changed my blog link and am hosting a sure to get in on it ;D

Have a Happy Day!☼


Are you still stuck in the fridge? I am missing you!


LOL....I admit I'm guilty of pour chocolate syrup from the bottle straight into my mouth like the lady at the end...Shame..Shame.
Wonder what you got up your sleeve?????




Your surprises are always something wonderful, so I can't wait!
Wishing you a joyful Easter ~Deb

the pleasures of homemaking

Very funny! Can't wait to see what you've been working on!


Pearl Maple

Too funny,
had to put down my triple temptation choc brownie ice cream (full fat!) to have a good belly laugh.



I can't wait to see the secret project!

Lennis just came home with chocolate chip icecream!

Jill xoo


Clarise, that was really funny!

Gumbo Lily

Ha! Thanks for the laugh.


Junie Moon

Wow, that's an amazing video! It will be fun to discover what you're up to at your house.


Oh Clarice,
That is funny. I look forward to seeing what you have been working on!!!!

Love, Paula


Oh my! Now I'll have bad dreams.



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