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13 And Chocolate Pancakes

Chloe 13 

My baby turns 13 today. Waaa no more little girls. I had to watch the animated Peter Rabbit movie by myself the other day {;o

For her birthday breakfast-in-bed she wanted chocolate pancakes with sliced bananas and whipped cream, fresh strawberries on the side, bacon and pink lemonade. For dinner she wants swiss cheese, bacon, mushroom pizza (from Central market), soda and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Sounds like she turned 13.

I had to laugh because I ALWAYS make my own whipped cream (it is cheaper, not as sweet and just plain better), so I surprised Chloe and bought the canned stuff, she was soooo excited. Over the moon.

Happy birthday sweetpea, you are growing into a beautiful, giving, creative young lady. You rock xoxoxo

Chocolate Pancakes, see note below

2 cups flour

1/4 cup coco powder

1 TBL baking powder

1.2 tsp. salt

1/2 cup sugar

1 cup chocolate milk or soy milk

4 tsp. melted butter, cooled

2 eggs

1/4 cup chopped chocolate

Run flour, coco powder, baking powder thought sieve to get rid of lumps. Pour into a larger bowl and add salt and chopped chocolate. In another small bowl whisk together eggs, milk and butter. Then mix wet into dry. If batter is too thick, add a bit ore milk, till you get the consistency you like. Ladle batter into hot butter pan. Wait till edges look cooked and little bubble cover the surface. Then flip and cook other side.


you can use whole wheat pastry flour instead. I like chopped chocolate because chips just seemed to big to me and grated chocolate seemed to small. But remember please your palate, not mine !!!


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Hapde Burfday! (A little late, sorry I am still lagging b/c of that updating issue.)

Selia Renzetti

Happy Belated Birthday Chloe! (I have been away and I am playing catch-up!) I know your day was wonderful and what a sweet mother you have! Thanks Clarice for sharing the recipe! I have missed your blog so much while away. Now I am off to read more!

Cathy Santarsiero

Happy Birthday! Wishing her a wonderful, blessed, joyous year! Warmly, Cathy


Yumm! A breakfast fit for a princess!!

Jill x00


I hope your daughter had a lovely day! And thank you for sharing that wonderful variation on one of my favourite foods!

Ali @ A Cosy Life

the pleasures of homemaking

Happy Belated Birthday Chloe! Her breakfast sounds delish. I happen to love Cool Whip (yes better than fresh whipped)!!



Oh, those pancakes sound divine! Happy 13th birthday Chloe!


Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like she was a queen for a day. I want my birthday at your house. :) Yummy chocolate pancakes.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Happy Birthday, Chloe!!!! Sounds like you had quite the royal treatment from your wonderful mother! Whooa hoooa on getting the canned whip! Breakfast in devine!



Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday!!


Belated Happy Birthday to her!


Happy Birthday to a wonderful teen-ager! Wow --- how sweet that sounds!



Happy belated Birthday dear Chloe! Yummy, your mom treats you so good and you deserve it. Enjoy your 13th year dearie!



Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who's the fairest of them all? Chloe! Happy birthday my dear! Ahhh, the teenage years.



P.S. Is that a Crate and Barrel bowl in the pic??? It looks like my red one ..I have posted in my Breakfast For Dinner post.....



Chloe, Happy birthday to you, what a nice yummy treat to eat breakfast in bed. 13 !!!! wow !!! It's all up hill from here darlin'. hee hee.Hope you have a great B-day !!!!!!

Hugs, Mica


Happy Birthday to a sweet girl!!
I'm with her on those yummy treats!!
You girls have a great weekend!
PS, she looks like quite the princess in that photo.


Chloe, Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl. I count it an honor to know you. Have a great and fun day. Christy

Gumbo Lily

Chocolate pancakes with whipped cream sound like a Dream Breakfast! Happy Birthday Chloe. (and Happy Birthday Mom, you played a very important part)



Happy Birthday, Chloe!! Love that you fix your girls breakfast in bed and special meals. I am going to start implementing that with the next birthday that comes along.

Sharon D.

Happy Birthday to Chloe!!! She has such a sweetness about her, great picture :) I think it's wonderful that you prepare special meals (whatever the girls like or want) for their Birthday. And in bed to boot! Sounds like a great day :)


Dear Clarice,

Happy birthday to Chloe! Thirteen is a special year; the portal to womanhood! Looks like she had a yummy breakfast and dinner.

Like Paula, I would have watched Peter Rabbit with you, too (We actually DID watch it the other day!).




Ooooh, Chloe! Happy Birthday!! I can't believe you're 13! I remember so plainly the day you were born. It truly does seem like yesterday. (My heavens, I'm old.)

Hope you have a special day. (And I hope your Mom does too. It's a very special day for her as well!)



Oooh Yum! Happy Birthday Chloe!


Dear Clarice,

What a lovely photo!!! Chloe is such a beautiful, sweet, kind, and caring young lady!!!! We love and adore her!!! Her birthday breakfast sounds so yummy!!! I can see she is enjoying it! You are such a good momma to treat her to all her favorite things!!! I am sorry you had to watch Peter Rabbit by yourself, if I were there I would have loved to watch it with you! I will have to make these chocolate pancakes for my dear ones. They will love them! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Happy, happy Birthday to Chloe!!!!
Love, Paula


Happy Birthday……
Have a wonderful day…

Canned whip cream is just plain fun…

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