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Silhouette Cake Plate Tutorial

Silhouette Cake plate1 

I am really addicted to cake-plates and could never have to many. I have been wanting to make some. In trying to reuses what I have, I came up with this silhouette cake plate using the top of an old popcorn tin, a candle stick and a plastic cup.

1: I painted the tin lidwhite. It was took a couple of coats of acrylic paint. It was still bit streaky. But you do not see the pained part, so that is fine. The candle stick was not tall enough, so I glued a plastic laundry soap cup to the top of the candle stick. The side pieces will cover it up.

Silhouette Cakeeplate 

2: For the top I printed the image (Down at the bottom of the post. Click on image and save in your picture) I measured my tin and figured out what size picture would be best. I cut it out the image to fit the top, spread basic white glue over the top of the tin and pressed down the image. I keep the lid face down to help it dry without out bubbles.

One thing about the image, because I printed the image myself (instead of using a printed image) I can not get it wet or the ink will run. You could take an already printed silhouette or cut out a silhouette from black paper, if you do not want to worry about the ink running. Or come up with a way to cover the image.

Silhouette Cake platee 

3: On the side of the lid there is a lip and the side images would stick away for the tin. So I glued rick-rack to fill in the side and it gave it a finished looked to the cake plate.

Sill edge

4: I printed the three ladies above full size on a piece of card stock. I need to print three sheets. I followed the curve of the ovals, cutting them out with pinking shears. I glue along the top of the three ladies and attached that to the rick-rack.

For my top it took two sheets of ladies and just one extra lady to fill in the back. Play with how to lay them out and overlapping them. It is easy, you will just have to see what will best fit around your lid.


All these words make it sound to complicated but really it is not. I hope this inspires you to look around your house and see what you can come up with. I would love to see it if you do xoxox



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darling, Clarice!


Oh my gosh, this is one of my very favorite projects that I've seen! So darling & so creative!!!


So pretty! I love your tutorial!


I'm in love. I adore silhouettes! Thanks for sharing


Oh this is wonderful! I'm so glad Paula emailed me about your gorgeous site! So much crafty eye candy. I've added you to my Reader so I don't miss a thing and I'll be linking as well. Thanks so much for sharing!


How cute! Thanks for the instructions!

the pleasures of homemaking

What a very cool idea Clarice! Love it!



A very clever idea Clarice, I must give that a go and there are lots of great subjects suitable for cake plates. Covering with a clear (tacky-back) plastic would ensure ink didn't run I presume (will have to try it). Thanks for idea. Eli

LiBBy BuTTons

I am speechless. Martha needs to hire you to head her creative dept.



You are very clever in creating, love it!

Jill xoo


How absolutely darling Clarice1


Clarice, how creative of you! It looks wonderful!!


Hi Clarice, it's great to be back - thanks for dropping by! Your cake stand is lovely! How elegant it looks. Shall keep this one filed away for future experimentation!

Gumbo Lily

I love how you take just a few things from around the house and make them into something spectacular! Really neat!


Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

This is very original!


It is a wonderful idea. There is a sealer available on the market now, that makes ink-jet prints water resistant.


Lovely, Clarice. My grandmother has a cut-glass cake plate that was given to her on her wedding day by her grandfather... it was given to his wife on their wedding day in 1899. It's such a treasure!


I adore this Silhouette Cake Plate. What a clever idea...I think I will try to make one for Easter and use bunnies and lambs.

Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the ideas and the instructions.

country mouse

Wow! I just love you, Clarice : )


Oh, it's beautiful, Clarice. What a fun project!



Dear Clarice,

I love your gorgeous Silhouette Cake Plate!!!! You did a wonderful job and your tutorial is excellent!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing this! You are so very creative!!!! I love how you used things you had around your home! The silhouette images are so lovely and your photos fantastic!

Love, Paula

Junie Moon

It's gorgeous and looks so perfect. I love this project. You are ever so brilliant!

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