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I do not know if you remember, but on Valentine's day I posted this tutorial of a squirrel Valentine and said I wish I could make each of you readers one. Well I had not actually done one yet. Now I have  and you will just have to make your own ;-) I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who does paper-cutting. Not that it was impossibly hard, but it was not super easy either. I just had to frame my heart (after all that hard work!!!) I was inspired by Tompson Family-Life frame. I took a old, ugly, brown frame, painted it, added the buttons and spools, I am very happy with it .

PS. the sweet gnome tassel is from talented Selia, thank you xoxoxo 

Squirrel heart2


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Carol Heady

Very nice and lots of thought went into it.


Darling assortment you have there on your wall-papered wall. It's beautiful. I just ordered my second Marmecraft print last week (the one called Book Love). My first print is very similar to the one you have - it's a lady with hat and purse standing among foliage. And, I just wrote in my journal last night: papercuts! Do one! :o)


After I cut that squirrel valentine I went on a very short spree of being obsessed with papercutting. So, I made an easter one. And then I promptly quit! LOL Love the thread in the frame, btw.


I love your little grouping on your wall!! I have a Marmee Craft print and am hoping to add more soon. Love the squirrel silhouette!! I am quite fond of the little critters!!


Clarise, from someone who has done silhouettes you did a great job on the squirrels! Very inventive framing also. Good job!


The papercutting and the frame make for a very charming combination. Very inspiring.


Very sweet - love the colors and threads that you used!


It turned out wonderfully well Clarice, and I like your clever framing job too.

You would be amazed if you watched my friend Liisa do her papercuttings. She never draws anything. She just picks up a piece of paper and cuts intricate pictures right out of her head. It's really something to see.


I think people who live in a home called Acorn Cottage might need to make one of those :)

Gumbo Lily

I think your squirrel heart looks great! I can only imagine how tedious it was to cut. The frame is really sweet.



It came out perfect! I agree, papercutting is challenging for me too.


Well, it turned out great but that is too funny! I've always thought paper cutting would be hard anyway, not to crease and tear the paper while you're cutting it. Love the gnome tassel!


Dear Clarice,

I love it!!! You did a wonderful job sweetie!!! You are so creative!!! I love the frame, the color is fabulous. The buttons and spools of thread are a perfect setting for your heart!

I love the vignette on your wall, and the wallpaper is so pretty and old-fashioned! You are good at vignettes! I see several of Marjorie's beautiful prints, you know how I love her artwork too! The gnome from Selia is so adorable! She made me a beautiful one with a bird! The light switch plate cover is so sweet! Thank you for all the inspiration! I love seeing your cottage and all the pretty things you create!

Love, Paula

the pleasures of homemaking

It came out really good! Love the frame what a cute idea. That gnow tassel is adorable!!



My favourite is the hedgehog with the coffee/tea! Any more details on that?

Kay on the farm in Neb

Sweet! Can I use the idea too? I have a few pieces of old quilt that would be sweet framed like this. :o)

Junie Moon

It's beautiful! I love the frame and the little spools of thread, too. The gnome tassle is adorable.

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