Nach-Yo Salad
13 And Chocolate Pancakes


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LOVE the chair!!!!


How convenient! Now, I will be sure to not miss a single one of your lovely posts! Hoping you are having a wonderful day, Clarice!
Dee (

the pleasures of homemaking

Such a cute little chair! I haven't had a problem since I switched to google reader (knock on wood)!



What a sweet little chair....

I for one like to visit the blogs for me it is like visiting a friend for morning coffee...


It looks like a fairy sweet!


I already read you in my Blogger reader - it's so much easier than clicking on all the blogs I like to read. That way, when there's a new post, I find it right away.

All this technology...and so many ways to use it!





Hi Clarice,

I love your pretty photo! That little pincushion chair is so sweet! Thanks for letting me know about getting your blog emailed!

Love, Paula


Not on your life sister! I'm subscribed to you and that makes me happy. My e-mail inbox is for JUNKMAIL LOL!


I'm not that technical!! But, I just had to tell you that this little junk/estate sale shop near my mom's has all kind of little metal dollhouse furniture similar to that chair for only fifty cents apiece!! Anyway, it made me think of you and your little chair!!

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