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Cheap Necklace Trick

Flower necklace3_edited-1 

I LOVE fashion (I secretly want to be Emily at Some Girls Wander, oh and a lot younger ;) I could spend every day shopping and did before hubby and kids. But I just do not have the bucks to support my addiction. So I have to get creative, reuse, think cheap. My favorite way lately is jewelry.


I bought this chain with the idea I was going to make a necklace. But one day with no time, wanting something, I just grabbed it, wrapped around my neck and added a pin. How easy, how inspiring, how may different necklaces could I make from one chain? Ever changing with my whims. Pretty good for $3.00 bucks.

Cameo necklace 

Now I am obsessed. Have you been to look at Joanne's and Michael's jewelry section. There is so many wonderful pieces of chains, finds, etc. I even got a black Eiffel Tower, that I just added to my collection. (Although one day I may run a length of narrow black ribbon though it and wear it as a necklace) Most pieces are under $5.00 and with a 40% off coupon, yahoo. You can make a cameo choker.

Flower necklace 5 

For the necklace at the top (and yes, I love you readers, I actually put a picture on me on my blog. Akk were did all those gray hairs, wrinkles, saggy eyes come from ????) I took a safety pin, attached one end to the chain, ran the chain to the back so you do not see the safety pin.

Flower necklace 6 

Took a pin I love (this sweet pin is from Cassi, thank you xoxox) ran it though the other end and attached it, so you had two different chains, at different angles.

Pendent necklace 

A long vintage pendent.

Bracelet necklace 

Heck, even a cuff bracelet. Wouldn't pretty pink ribbon woven through the links make a gorgeous belt. Akkkk, I can not stop myself. Girl, you need to go get some chain xoxox


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Clarice, it's so nice to see what you look like & you are LOVELY! I love the jewelry too :)

Selia Renzetti

You are so creative! Love all of your ideas and I am so glad to be able to put your pretty face with your name! I too love to re-cycle the old jewelry. Great ideas!


So clever! Now I know just what to do with all those Brooches! thanks!!


I'll add to the chorus of how creative and clever you are with the amazing jewelry ideas! I love looking at things in new ways. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.
And I don't see one gray hair at all! You look lovely.

the pleasures of homemaking

Somehow I missed this post! What a clever idea! You are the exact opposite of me - I absolutely hate all clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. shopping! My husband even buys me my purses and he often brings home clothes for me to try own (he's my own personal shopper~smile) because if it was up to me I'd just be in an old t-shirt and jeans each day!


Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Clarice, You're BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy you've shared a photo of yourself; it's always so good to connect a face with a name. ((hugs))

Such a GREAT idea, I love your creative necklace. It's gorgeous ~ and what many would pay beaucoup $$$$$ for!

Yep, I always KNEW it... you ROCK. ((xoxo))


Your chain of inspiration would go down a bomb in Britain Clarice, I can see it becoming high fashion with the London set. Some great ideas and I have loads of different chains here (some with genuine vintage rust).

Pearl Maple

Wow, you are creative ! Who would have thought it was as easy as all that.

Liking the looks of that lemon cake too.

The Vintage Rabbit

YOu look divine my friend!! THe jewelry looks so Anthropologish!!!!! I love it all...



CLARICE! You HOT lady you! I was just thinking of you and in between breaks from the volcanoe erupting, I wanted to visit your blog! Well...I'm glad I did.

Great creativity! I have to agree with all the other comments. I have missed coming here and had to stop by and low and behold...there's a picture of YOU! Too cool!

Love ya,
Debbie in Ak.


Good ideas! My hubby would love the cameo necklace. He likes to see me in chokers and we both like Victorian decor.


Hi Clarice, your blog is so pretty and warm and wonderful. I love your ideas. We used to have a lovely little shop in Northport, LI calle "The Snow Goose". When I was younger I would spend hours in there. I bought a gorgeous teapot there and I still have it- (I'm 47). Your home reminds me of the store- very antiquey and lovely and warm and fun. Thank you for sharing.

Charlotte, NC

Tracey McBride

Oh my goodness, Clarice, these are so cute, so clever and absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!! I love 'em all!!

P.S. You would go nuts if you saw the bins and bins of vintage jewelry we've inherited over the years. (I'm being literal here, we have thousands of pieces...I used to sell them on ebay but don't have time now...may pick it up on etsy...?!) Wish you lived closer, we'd have so much fun sorting through them. My girls and I spend hours, and barely make a dent. As well, I use them for all kinds of things other than jewelry (did you notice them on my bows on my holiday tin's??). xox


you are so cleaver. What great necklaces. Makes me want to dig around for some chain I know is buried in my sewing room somewhere!


Yes you do look beautiful. I think I need to grow out my hair again. I love the fabric flower. Love, Mom



You are beautiful both inide and out!
Thanks for sharing the photo:)

I love the Cameo, absolutely love it!

Wonderful ideas for creating beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Jill xoo



This is great! You have such style and good ideas.



I am inspired!! Not only to find some chains and funky pendants(and look at my jewelry in a different light) but to grow my bangs out! You are gorgeous and your hair is even better! LOVE the "highlights"!!

Btw, I found you today from your post to Sarah and Jack's blog. I love when I get extra time to surf her commenters' blogs.*G*


Ooh...such wonderful ideas, Clarice! I'm going to have to check out the jewelry section now. :0) I love the cameo!


I love all your jewelry creations, and thank you for sharing the beautiful photo!

Junie Moon

As always, you blow me away with your beautiful ideas. And is that you in the photo? You are so beautiful and I'm so happy to be able to put a face to the name, makes it all more real to me, y'know? Anyway, I love your jewelry suggestions. Every now and then I put a chain through the hole in one end of a sea shell I've collected from the beach. Wearing it reminds me of home and my love for the ocean. Then I can pretend I'm a real mermaid donning my oceanic treasures.


What a beautiful photograph of you, Clarice. You are so pretty.

This is as Anna said, a very clever idea. Wow!

I love those beautiful earrings you're wearing too!


Don't you look cute!
Maybe you should think about your own line of jewelry. Very clever Clarice.

Lavender Dreamer

How clever and this is something we can all try! Love what you've done....you're so creative! I mostly copy! lol


Oh Ms. Clarice!!!!
So nice to see your lovely face! I can totally place you living in the Regency Era with me as your friend in England. We could go to Perwinkle Cottage and have a lovely cream tea together! Love the fun ideas for shaking up the jewelry box! My daughter and I took a jewelry class together and learned how to solder (sp?) and it was so much fun. I'll have to post about it sometime soon. I braved the waters and put my mug shot up today too, must be something in the spring air! You are beautiful! Inside and out. Love visiting you!


Very nice self portrait! Fun and creative ideas with the jewelry ~ my fave is the cameo.


P.S. Thank you for sharing Emily's blog. I love her clothing!!!! You are very fashionable too!!!! xo Paula


Dear Clarice,

You are sooooo gorgeous!!!!! I am so glad you shared a photo of your beautiful face! I love the necklaces and bracelet you made! They are all fabulous, but the cameo is my favorite. It looks so good with your sparkly sweater. I love your idea of making a belt too! You are so creative! I just love how you take something inexpensive and make it look so expensive and glamourous! Not only are they affordable but so easy to make! Next time I am in town I will have to purchase some chain and see what I can do! Thanks for the inspiration!!! By the way, did I mention you are gorgeous???

Love, Paula

Gumbo Lily

Great idea! You always amaze me with your creativity. I think you're aging beautifully and gracefully, and that is a compliment!



Thanks for posting the photo of you I love it and you are so very lovely. Aging is a good thing always remember that !!
I'm going to check out this idea of yours here very intriguing with the chain.


Clarice, what a beautiful picture of you. Hang onto that one. Christy


Absolutely beautiful. Your creativity never ends! Awesome!



Great ideas, Clarice. And I love seeing you "in person". You're beautiful!



That is amazing, Clarice!! I got a cute birdcage pendant from Michael's the other day and it is so cute!! Love the fabric circles on the necklace-what a great idea!!


Dear Clarice,

How very creative and versatile! You are very inspiring.




Very, very clever. I like the one with the fabric flower pinned to your shirt -- a different way to hang the chain!

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