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Auberne` Has Been Creative

Pride book softi 

Thank you for all the well wishes, I had a lovely time. I have to say I am quite blessed because I have the kindest MIL. She is always encouraging to me, calls me her friend as well as a daughter. She also adores her granddaughters and is always encouraging in all their endeavors. I never hear one word of criticism from her (which as a homeschooler, it is so nice to do not have to deal with them being unsuportive). Auberne` was showing her all she had been doing and I thought I would share with all of you.

Auberne` finds hand sewing softie very interesting. She is always looking for real things she can turn into a softies. One of her favorite books is Pride and Prejudice. She copied the front and side of the book on fabric and made a softie. You can even open the flap and read the first page. She discover writing on fabric is not as easy as she thought. But I told her to remember all she has learned, it will make her a better "craft-er" in the future.  

Pride book softie2Pride book softie5

For Valentine's day she made her father a Hobbit pipe from clay. She also constructed a holder from bark and a branch.


Hobbit pip 

For me for Valentines day she made this pin cushion, that you tie onto the machine.

Picture 509 

Another softie she made for her bed is a crown, she collects crowns.

Crown softi 

For her sis she made a Jawa with chocolate chip cookie. You should have seen the sand-crawler box she made to wrap the gift. She even had Star Wars music playing in the background.


Also banner for her Star War pins. Keep up the creative work sweetie, I love to see your out of the box creativity xoxoxox

Pin banner 


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What a wonderfully talented girl! You must be so incredibly proud! I adore the pincushion idea! What a great job you are doing mom!


Everything is beautiful! What a talented and beautiful daughter you have! And I know you can go ditto on that! (Waving at Cloe too!).

Thanks for the breakfast casserole recipe. It sounds delish!

Glad to have you back in blogland. I really missed you!



It's nice to hear that you've enjoyed a good visit with you MIL.

Both your girls are very talented. I always enjoy seeing what they are up to.

A tip for writing on fabric....iron the fabric to the shiny waxed side of freezer paper. It stiffens it enough to make writing much easier. Unpeel from the paper, then sew.


I just finished Pride and Prejudice and fell in love with it! Your girls are quite the artists! Homeschooling is the best, isn't it?


The book turned out great. Love everything. Pincusion is a great idea. Love, Grandma

Gumbo Lily

A very creative and talented young lady is Auberne'. The nut didn't fall far from the tree!


Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Lots of creative juices flowing here!

Lady Laurie

Hi Clarice,
That is so nice that you get along with your MIL.
I love your daughter's creations, that hobbit pipe is fabulous. Oh and Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorites too!


I spot a real talent there, well the little book


She has been busy! I love Pride and Prejudice, it's one of my favourite books.


So glad you enjoyed a pleasant visit with your guests. Some eXcellent eXamples of creative handiwork, Miss Auberné!

Mica Garbarino

wow !! How creative !!! I love the Jane Austinbook and the pipe the best...but, to tell you the truth it is all wonderful things that was made by a very creative soul. I can't wait to see more of her delightful softies in the near future. Hugs, Mica


Great work Auberne--you are wonderfully creative!


How talented your Auberne is! And how fun to have a daughter that you can share your creativity with!

Cathy Santarsiero



Like mother like daughter! Isn't it wonderful being able to create and craft together. I thank my Mom all the time for taking the time to teach me all that she did. Would love to see the crown collection sometime! How about show and tell?


Well no surprise to me that Auberne is so clever and multi-talented.
I love the orginality of each design.
Jill xoo

country mouse

Wow--each piece is so clever--I can't decide on a favorite! I've been keeping my eye on the girls' etsy shop too : )


What a clever and talented girl Auberne` is! I'm so glad you enjoyed your blogging break. Welcome back!


Oh I love the gold crown that is my favorite next to the book !! Lovely job.


Dear Clarice,

I am so glad the visit went well! I know you were a blessing to your mother-in-law and that you fed them well!!! I was happy to read how loving and supportive she is to you and the girls!!! It is wonderful to have family support your homeschool! By the way, you are an fantastic homeschool mom!!!

I LOVE everything Auberne` made!!! She is so very creative!!! I know your encouragement and support means so much to her! The Pride and Prejudice book is so neat! I love it! That is one of my favorite books. The Hobbit pipe and holder looks so wonderful! I know her daddy loved it. I love the pincushion, that is so clever and convenient to have it on the sewing machine. I love the fabric she used!

The crown, Jawa with a chocolate chip cookie, and the banner are so cute!!! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful creations Auberne`! You are an inspiration!!!

Love, Paula

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Hugs to your Dear MIL!

And oh my, but your Auberne is talented! So creatively talented.

And I smiled when I saw the Jane Austen title. I seem to be on a Jane Austen track today, also. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be."
~Jane Austen


Dear Clarice,

What fun to have such creative juices flowing! I never associated Jawas with chocolate chip cookies before! And the book is just perfect; what memories she'll have when she's grown up.

I'm glad the visit went well.




What a wonderfully creative person, and such varity, from Starwars to Jane Austin. I applaude her wide field of interests.


Hi Clarice,
Glad you had a nice time!
Your daughter is quite talented!!
Thanks for sharing,

Junie Moon

Auberne` has really made some fantastic creative projects. I am so impressed. The Jane Austen book, the hobbit pipe, and just everything is wonderfully done. I may have to "borrow" her ideas as they all look fun. Thank you, Auberne`, for sharing your projects with us.


Those are really great projects! That pincushion is especially cute.


What wonderful creativity! And how great that you all encourage her.

I hope you all have a great day!


Lavender Dreamer

How clever! I LOVE softies right now and am going crazy looking at pics! And pincushions are my fav...and I am reading a Jane Austen book right now! Do you think she wants to visit me next?

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