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I will be taking a week off, my in-laws are on their way. I have the freezer full of goodies, my house is clean (somewhat clean, but she loves me for me, right ;-p ). I hope all of you have a sunny, happy, yummy week xoxox

I have gotten several email from you readers telling me that bloglines is not letting you know when my blog posts. Well I have bloglines to and I am having the same problem. I have e-mailed them three times over the last month and I have heard nothing from them and the problem is not fixed. So I am thinking of using a different feeder, you might want to do the same thing. So besides bloglines, who love their blog feeder ???

A new big hit in our family are these blueberry bars. I made them with whole wheat pastry flour and they were sooo good.

I hate to leave you all week with nothing to do (I know many of you just sit around and eat bon-bons all day, on no wait, that's me ;-) maybe this list of ideas, will keep you busy. It did me, as you can see in the picture above !!!!


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Oh dear. I had no idea bloglines was not updating your feed and I have missed a lot.

I think there is some kind of thing you can do where you "ping" your feed. But, ummmm, I am not even sure what that means. (rolling eyes at self)


A whole week!!!!! I will miss you madly!!


Just bought some blueberries today! Can't wait to make the blueberry bars. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Hope you have a lovely time with your in-laws. You will be missed in blogland!


I hope you have a wonderful time with we sure did enjoy the sunshine...and before you know it the daffodils will be popping up everywhere...

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

What a fabulous recipe! Blueberry Bars.......

the pleasures of homemaking

So pretty! I switched you to Google Reader and so far it's been good. I don't understand what's up with Bloglines - they do seem to be a bit slow but you are just not updating at all except one day where they had 200 posts for you! But Google Reader seems good so people should switch to that. Have a fun week!


Gumbo Lily

Have a good week with your in-loves. I'll be busy outdoors, but for the moment, I'm have a cuppa coffee and a cookie.


P.S. Sweet bouquet. Are these growing in WA right now? I wish I had flowers, but we're expecting another 6" of snow on top of the 6" we have. (whine)


Hope you are having a nice time!!


Have a great week Clarice! Hope you have lots of sun and fun.

Ali @ A Cosy Life

sweet cottage dreams

Enjoy your week with your family!! Clarice, thank you, too, for the lovely tatted bracelet. It fits perfectly and was such a wonderful gift!!



Dear Clarice,

Good luck this week! We'll be thinking about you! Actually, a visit from in-laws is really a great blessing. Mine live so far away it would be a treat to see them (And our house would be REALLY clean for a while!).




Hope you have a lovely, relaXing, visit hosting your in-laws. ThanX for the yummy links!

Aunt Amelia's Attic

We'll see you, when you are able to return. :-)

Aunt Amelia
"Be happy. It's one way of being wise." ~Colette


Dear Clarice,

I hope you enjoy the week with your in-laws! I know your cottage looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing the links. I will have to make those blueberry bars. I love the hankie-covered jar you made! That is so sweet and spring looking! I love the bling pin and the pretty flowers!

Have a happy, sunny, yummy week too!
Love, Paula

Junie Moon

Yum--blueberry bars, my husband is going to love this.

Have a great week. I promise not to sit around eating bon-bons (actually, I've never even seen a bon-bon) and will stay very busy.

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