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News-paper Bow Tutorial

Newspaper bow 

In my trying to use what I have, I decide to come up with a news-paper bow for a gift I was giving. I am sure there is a zillion ways to do this, but this is what I did.

Newspaper bow1 

With pinking shears, I cut 4 strips of news-paper, going the long way of the paper. (excuse my bad grammar, Kristin I see you wincing)

Newspaper bow2 

With the first strip I folded over and made two loops.

Newspaper bow3 

Next piece I folded three time, then next four and last 5. I tried to set the folds at different angels to fill in the bow more. I had Chloe holding the piece for me as I folded each one. After they are stacked from small down to large, I stapled them together in the center.

Newspaper bow4 

To finish off the bow, I cut the straight edges at an angle with the pinking shears. I took a piece of the pink tissue paper I was wrapping my gift with and crinkled into a little ball, then glued it to cover the staples. Lastly I fluff and twisted the loops. I glued the flower to the ribbon strips I had cut. I really love the graphic news-paper against the hot pink paper. It is almost chic  ;-) xoxoxo


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CUTE! I've been "using what I have" more and more.


Selia Renzetti

Dear Clarice,

I love this idea and think it is so clever! I would much rather have a bow like this than one bought in a store. You always amaze me!



Dear Clarice,
It has been such a long time since I visited you! I'm so glad I found my way back to your wonderful blog.

The bow made out of newspapers is so very clever and looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!



I think this is a marvy idea, love it!

Jill xoo

Gretchen Graehl

I love it!!! so creative....


What a great idea, very chic indeed!

the pleasures of homemaking

I love the newsprint again the pink too! You're so clever - I must try this!



This is the prettiest paper bow! Very creative, Clarice!

:) LaTaDah


Ok now you should have been on Oprah today, talking about smart ways to save money, she had guest from all over sharing ideas yours is a WINNER!


How cute! I'm horrible at bows!!!

Jean Tuthill

How very creative of you. This is something we always have around, it saves money and looks so chic! What a great idea, so cute!


How adorable....you amaze me with your creativity...thanks for sharing!


Cute! The pinking shears gave it that extra special touch! ~Lori


Love this idea! I already wrap in newspaper, but have been purchasing ribbon or twine to adorn the package. Now the whole package can be newspaper and still look pretty and festive! Not to mention fully recyclable!


Très chic! ;-)

Lavender Dreamerl

That is so cute! I'll try it! You come up with the cutest ideas!


Almost? I think it looks VERY chic!


That's really cute. I think having pieces with more black on them really gave it punch, also the pink ball. Love, Mom


Clarice! You are so stinkin' creative!!! I love it!


This is so original and I love it! THanks for sharing


clever and so sweet….
Thank you for this idea….


It is chic...how fun is that bow!!!! Thanks for the fantastic recycle!

country mouse

No--I'm not wincing! Especially because the gift was for my sweet little granddaughter : ) Lindy *loved* the gift and the wrapping. Before she opened it, her joyful comment was "This has got to be from Clarice!"

Also, she loves the book and has plans to use it with the 4 year old now since Lily's not quite ready : )

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