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For my home-brewing hubby's birthday, I decided to do a menu using a different beer in each dish. I was not sure if the girls would like it, but I have to say they LOVED everything. I also have to say that I think David's favorite part was picking the beer !!!!

Beer marinated grilled buffalo steak *

Mac and Cheese with ale

(I just substituted one cup of milk with beer in my mac and cheese recipe)

Cabbage, carrot, green onion slaw with pilsner vinaigrette **

Stout cream cheese brownies



1/2 cup pale ale

1/8 cup soy sauce

1 TBL. pepper

3 roughly chopped garlic cloves

mix all in a zip-lock baggie and add steaks

** Pilsner vinaigrette

1/2 cup mild flavored oil

1/8 cup pilsner

1 TBL honey or agave

3 TBL. cider vinegar or to taste

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

1 TBL. Dijon mustard

salt and pepper to taste



PS. Tracey at Frugal Luxuries Foodhas a great post on the secret to good pie crust. Check it out xoxox


PSS. Jody asked about the picture. This is the Glass Bridge of Chihuly glass at the Glass museum in Tacoma. The photo is looking above my head.


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I have so enjoyed perusing through your blog entries!! Great stuff here!! Got you on my favorites list now so I wont miss an entry!



Dear Clarice,

I hope David had a wonderful birthday! You are so sweet to make him all these goodies!
Love, Paula

the pleasures of homemaking

I had no idea! What a nice thing you did for your husband - that's a very special touch! I hope he had wonderful day!


Mary T.

Awesome Image!!! Thanks for the memories!

50s Housewife

I never knew beer could go in so many recipes! :) Have you ever made beer bread? I've been wanting to try it.


Happy Belated Birthday to your husband Clarice.
My husband would love this menu. Sounds great!
Love the photo of the glass.
Chat soon,

Jean Tuthill

What a fun idea! I love trying new recipes, too! I'm glad everyone liked all the recipes. I make beer bread and it is so good! It's amazing what you can do with beer.


Our OKC Museum of Art has a Chihuly gallery as well with a very similar glass ceiling. Love it!


Brownies with beer in them??? Can you taste it???

Cathy Santarsiero

We celebrated my husband's birthday this weekend too! Happy B'day to yours :) Have a happy week.

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Ohhhh, that is such a cute idea! And for most any man, whether he home-brews or not. So cute! I have to put this entry, in Bookmarks. :-)

Aunt Amelia
A late Winter fantasy... Please come join me

Junie Moon

A happy birthday to your husband (albeit a bit late). His birthday menu sounds fun and yummy.

I love the photo. Dale Chihuly creates the most awesome glass pieces. He was the speaker at commencement when I received my Master of Arts degree. I'm going to Phoenix with my sister in March to see one of his exhibits.

Tracey McBride

You always have the most mouth-watering recipes Clarice!! I think my hubby would love all the beer recipes too!! Years ago, Mike and I were visiting his Aunt in Indiana and she served us the most delicious and tender pot roast we'd ever had. Her secret? Slow cooked in 12 ounces of beer...of course! Thanks so much for sharing (as always)!!


That is an incredible piece of artwork...just beautiful! The recipes sound pretty fantastic too. I can tell you right now Dan-the-Man and your hubby would make good friends! :)



Not only are you a wonderful Mom, but too a magnificant wife!
The beer menu sounds delish! I'm glad the girls liked it. Everyone Happy!

Jill xoo


My hubby would love this too! Gonna keep it in mind and perhaps "steal" the idea for his birthday. Hugs.

Gumbo Lily

What a fun idea, Clarice. I hope your Hubby had a wonderful day. (you're so good to him!)

Question....I like the picture at the top of this post. Would you care to tell us about it? It's groovy.



Wow, that's creative! Happy Birthday to your hubby.



Oh- and Happy Birthday, Dave!! (almost forgot the most important part!) Cheers!


Ohmigosh, this all sounds so good. Substituting beer for milk? What a great idea. I never would have the guts to try this but it does make sense. Cheese and beer go very well together.

You must comment on the stout brownies. Did you like them? Would you go out of your way to make them again or were they just a novelty?

Thanks for sharing. Great post. Once again, I should have planned ahead to drop in unexpectedly...oh well, there's always next Christmas. xxoxo


Clarice, you are one creative lady!

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