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I Cut Up A Sweater

Cut up sweater 3 

Well, I am back ;-) My in-laws have a cold, so the trip is postponed a week or so. Yeah, that gives me a week to clean (or till I have to clean) !!!!!

Do you remember when I did a list not the long ago of things I love, someone had taken a pull-over and turned it into a cardigan? I had this pull-over with a deep v-front, I loved the color but it was not the most flattering sweater.

I, of course, did my sweater a little different then she did. I wanted to use a polyester trim because I was afraid if I used a cotton one, it would shrink when I washed it. I took some vintage poly lace trim and sewed it up the front and around the neck. I left a little space between the lace in the front, then I just cut from the bottom up to the V. I was going to add a clasp but I can tell I would like to wear it different ways with different tops. So I decided to just use one of my zillion pins I have as a closer. This will give me more leeway. I was also going to add a lace pocket, but I think I like this simple look better. I am sure you have something that you could cut up xoxoxox 

Cut up sweater 2

Cut up sweater 


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That turned out great! I agree that simpler is better. I've been wanting to do this too. Your pin idea is also great. You are empowering me to try now!

karla nathan

What a cute look!! I'm not much of a sewer, but I think I could do this one. thanks for the tip!


that sweater is awesome...love the new detail...and you!!


You always have the neatest ideas:-)

Tracey McBride

P.S. Love the little button/pin...so clever and adorable!

Tracey McBride

I LOVE IT Clarice!! So clever, I've always wanted to do that but always thought it might not work out so ...never did! Now that I've seen your lovely work I may actually give it a try! Thank you so much for sharing and you look so cute in the mirror picture.


It's gorgeous, Clarice! I love the pretty lace!

50s Housewife

Oh I love it! What a great idea!

Gumbo Lily

Good idea. I especially like your pin-closure.



Just beautiful, Clarice!!

On another note...do you have any suggestions for celebrating Holland's 10th birthday? We will probably have a party later, in Spring. But I was wondering if you did anything special when your girls turned the milestone age of 10. Thanks!

Nancy Yoakum

I love it! You could have so much fun with adding any kind of cute trim, and I could go nuts looking for vintage pins to complement. Thanks for the idea!

the pleasures of homemaking

Oh so cute! I'll have to see if I have something I can cut up. I love that you used that pretty pin as a closer!!



Clarice, how creative of you! By the way I checked out your pullover sweater turned cardigan. I have an Irish Fisherman Sweater (pullover) that I wanted to turn into a cardigan and now you have inspired me!! Thanks!


Oh how cute! Hope you enjoy wearing it!


Dear Clarice,
Your sweater looks wonderful! I love your whole outfit, so pretty and feminine! I love the vintage lace trim on your sweater and the pin adds the perfect touch!
Love, Paula


I'm really wanting to chop up clothes..lol I have several that need a maker over.
Looks cute and Love the brooch with it.

Pearl Maple

Classy recycling!
You are always so full of great ideas. Thanks for sharing with us all.


Very, very pretty!


Hi Clarice,
I love it! It's adorable, now I want one.
You clever girl!!!
Chat soon,

Melanie SwensonM

Nice.. I love to recycle old sweaters, coats and whatever fabric I can get my hands on..


Good job, I love to re-purpose things, I go to the second hand stores and by clothing just for the fabrics. Your sweater is very nice. Cheers

Sharon D.

Clarice, your sweater is SO PRETTY! I love the lace trim and the brooch. Great job! Once again you have inspired me :)

Junie Moon

How brilliant, Clarice! I love the trim. I'm glad you didn't add the pocket as the pin is a wonderful detail and provides a great focal point.


Thanks for the Valentine missus! And that's a clever way to re-invent a sweater. I'm craftily-challenged so I thought if you started cutting up woolens, they'd just unravel on you regardless.

Ali @ A Cosy Life


That is sooooo cute!!! Love it!



Love the sweater especially the color and the delicate trim you chose.

Jill xoo

Sheila at Dodging Raindrops

That looks so pretty!

I hate to clean, too. ;)

Aunt Amelia's Attic

What a great idea! You are so clever.

Kind of sorry the visit was postponed. Often it's better to have to plow right through, and then be done with it. :-))))

Aunt Amelia
"Surely as cometh the Winter, I know
There are Spring violets under the snow."
~ R.H. Newell

Cathy Santarsiero

Love it!


Very clever Clarice! And I love that little squirrel valentine that you directed us to -- thanks for the link!


OH now that is a great idea! It came out beautiful :)



It turned out so nice!
I have had many a pullover that I wish was open in the front.
Wonderful job!


I love the sweater...it turned out so pretty!

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

What a great idea! And the pretty pin for closure is brilliant.

Thanks Clarice... off I am to rummage through my sweater shelves. :) xo~m.


Great idea for those sweaters that don't quite fit right anymore! LOL!! I've got a few!
Thanks for the idea......


Cute, great transformation! Good idea

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