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Whitewindow 2 


I am finally getting in a spring mood. I am craving soft colors and neutrals.


But I still love my pom-poms.

Whitewindow 3 

I thought since I was using cream pom-poms, I could get away with bigger ones.

Whitewindow 5 

This sweet bird is from Paula, thank you sweetie xoxox

Whitewindow 4 

I am finding my neutral window calming. BUT we will see how long till I crave some color ;-)


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Pretty, pretty, pretty!
I crave white and color too! Go figure. Love that little bird sitting in the chair. Adorable.


I like your "flower bed" thats a cute idea. I too am longing for spring.

Nancy Yoakum

Hi Clarice,
I love pom poms too. There is something nostalgic about them that brings back fond memories of being at the Five and Dime store in the sewing section, looking at all the goodies. Pom Poms = Happy, there's no getting around it!


That window looks so pretty Clarice!!
I am kind of into the neutrals right now too.
Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


Love it, Clarice. I need to take a closer look at Paula's bird. So cute.!

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson

Greetings Clarice,

Your window view certainly does look springlike inside and out! I like the pompoms along your window! I have several feet of snow drifted outside my windows. Alas, spring feels a long way off.

Awhile back, you asked us when we had our book out to let you know. Now Corgyncombe has its own newspaper, The Corgyncombe Courant! We will have doll news and feature our favorite old fashioned things and Tasha Tudor like interests.

Our latest article features a little doll made from a child's sock.

My daughter Sarah and I hope that you will enjoy The Corgyncombe Courant!

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Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson


A beautiful window! I love your pom poms, too!


Your window looks lovely. I'm sure it will coax spring to come.

Tracey McBride

Very Enchanting Clarice! Oh,your roasted garlic salad dressing (below) sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

P.S. Oh, almost forgot, I (finally) posted the super flaky pie crust secrets ;-) I promised you! They're on the food blog, so, whenever you get a chance! xo


I want to sit in that window and just gaze outside. I actually see green...oh how i long for that. We are having yet another snow storm tomorrow and I am so tired of snow. We are already at 43 inches for this winter....37 in normal...I am so over it. Dianntha

Cathy Santarsiero

I cracked up when I read your 'see how long before I crave color' statement. That is SO me. As an artist, I find that so many times after being saturated in a riot of color, I need to go back to a more neutral palette. But it is only a matter of time before the colors start beckoning.....
Have a happy weekend, Clarice! xo


Such delicate colors....I'm dreaming of spring now, too!


The corner of your home is lovely

Jean Tuthill

I love the pompoms. I used to, many years ago, put them on all my curtains. I like how you used them.


Very pretty! Maybe you'll usher in spring faster for the rest of us!

the pleasures of homemaking

I'm not ready for spring! I guess cause it means I have so much to do outside and I'm not in the mood yet LOL!

I love me some pom poms! I'd pom pom everything - they always lift my mood! I love them on the window! Everything looks beautiful.



I think your window looks very pretty, and I love the bird that your friend made.

Gumbo Lily

I like everything you do.....and when you decide to pop some color in there, I'll like that too!


Lavender Dreamer

That looks very pretty! It's so BLEAK here right now that I am craving color, too! We went for a drive today and it was GRAY!


Dear Clarice,

I love the all cream, it is so soothing, peaceful and pretty! I am so glad you like your little bird. It looks so sweet perched in the chair! You have everything arranged so pretty! I love the view from your window. Your raised beds look really good! The pom-poms are so sweet!
Love, Paula


Dear Clarice,

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of green! We have to look inside on the windowsill here for that color.

The creamy window scene looks very calm and serene.




Longing for spring here as well... Very inviting windowscape. Love the view out into the garden.


Oh it looks so inviting I could just melt.... very calming I love how you worked everything together.
Hgs, Diane



Two birds think alike.

Jill xoo


I love the little iron chair the bird is sitting on. i see your dormant garden out the window ! I see snow out mine.

Sharon D.

Just beautiful Clarice! I love the subtle muted colors :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Dear One, count yourself lucky, that your window looks out on green. And not on more, more, more snow. As mine does. -grumble- -grumble- -grumble-


Aunt Amelia
"There seems to be so much more winter than we need this year."
~ Kathleen Norris

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

It looks like you've been getting some sunshine, too, Clarice. I'm impatiently awaiting Spring ~ so the sunny days make me very happy! :)


I love your window...it's so soft and calming. The little bird is so cute, too and who can resist those pom-poms!

Have a great day!

Ravenhill Cottage

Junie Moon

I'm feeling much the same way, craving calming colors and simple little vignettes. I love your window and the pom-poms.

Donna O.

You know what the say,"The bigger the pom pom, the better". And we know who 'they' are.

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