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Well it seems one of the things on my blog everyone loves is my pantry, me to. It has been 8 months since I set it up and I have to say, even thought I baked a lot before, I really bake a lot now. Having a space set aside, organized, has made baking easier and more inspiring.


Baking has become even more of a frugal and healthy way to feed my family. Not just for dessert, but breakfast, snacks, side dishes. I can make healthy, organic, delicious items quicker now. By having the space I have more of an assortment of grains, sweeteners, spices, etc. to keep thing new and different. I tend to use the same recipes but change things up with different ingredients.

There are few things I have done that make things easier. And to be honest, I have discovered the easier, more accessible, the more I will bake. For example I have my flour and sugar in glass cigar humidors. What I love about these is they has a wide opening, so I can scoop the flour right out of the jar. Before I had it in jars with a smaller opening and if I had to scoop out a large quantity, I could not easily get my full measuring cup in. Now I have plenty of room. I encourage you to look for wide opening containers.

Flour 6

I also now have two sets of measuring cups. One for wet, one for dry. I keep the dry set next to my flour and sugar. I keep the wet set in my kitchen queen. This also saves time and confusion. 

I have also found shakers work well for spices I use a lot like, cinnamon and ginger. A lot of things I make, spices do not need to be measure. By being able to grab the spices and just shake some in, makes it very handy. 

Flour 4

I encourage you to think out of the box to carve a baking center. If you have a dining room that is not really used, maybe you can use that. Or start eating you dinners there and use you kitchen eating space as a baking center. My baking pantry was a breakfast room. Do you use cabinets to hold kitchen items you do not use a lot? Can you move those items to another spot, to open space ?  Manuela, took an unused shower and made a pantry out of it. Brilliant idea Manuela xoxoxo

When planning my pantry I looked at what I used the most and focused on making that accessible. Believe it or not, I have a second baking area in my kitchen for items I do not use as much. You do not have to have kitchen cabinets. I used shelving, a table and a low dresser. The dresser I did not think was going to work well. But since I needed to use what I already had, it was suppose to be temporary. But I have to say it works well. Cookie sheets really fit in the long, low drawers. I keep foil, parchment paper, plastic wrap and baggies in the other drawer.

Flour 5

Look at the ingredients you use most in baking. Do you have them grouped together? Are they easily accessible? Can you put them in containers that would make them easier to us? Can you take some of those baking items you do not use as much and put them in something like a old suitcase, to make room for what you do use? Think about the open space under your table. Maybe an old chest or box can go there, to hold items. Also if you have room for a bigger table, maybe one end can hold you mixer, measuring cups, flour, sugar. The other can be your work space.

Having area for just my baking, having everything I use all the time in easy access, thinking out of the box for storage and containers, has made baking much easier. Which means I am baking more and more xoxox


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Dear Clarice,
I have enjoyed catching up on all your lovely posts. Your pantry is just wonderful and I love the mini pantry in your other post too! You are so creative. I love all the recipes and craft projects you have been sharing, the sweet books too, and your wonderful tips for a baking pantry. I am so happy the girls have opened their own Etsy shop. That is so exciting. I know they will do well!

Love, Paula

the pleasures of homemaking

Oh I feel even worse now! I don't have my sitemeter activated so I couldn't even see the people coming from your blog never mind bloglines not updating!

Anyway, you know I love your pantry! The cigar humidors is a good idea. One of my annoyances is not being able to get my measuring cups into the flour or sugar. I have to spoon it out.


Sweet Cottage Dreams

Wonderful advice and you do have a great baking center. Ok, now you have inspired me (yet again) on rearranging my baking accoutrements.



I love your baking center too, Clarice. In fact, your whole house is so pretty.

I see your Tasha Tudor/Marsha Campbell "Butt'ry Shelf Cookbook" in your baking pantry center, too. One of my very favorite books. Love Tasha's illustrations.


Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread

A lovely pantry, Clarice! Thank you for sharing such inspirational ideas for baking. There's nothing like taking something warm from the oven that you've mixed together for yourself and to share.
I have a little pantry in my kitchen but I'm blessed with an island that holds all the necessary items to bake with. Sunday mornings mean blueberry muffins! ~Kathy

Gumbo Lily

Not only functional, but pretty too! That's what I like about Storybook Cottage!



Guess what? I came up with a plan to have my pantry after I left my earlier comment. I presented it to my husband and he agreed. I am so excited. Thanks!


Thanks for the inspiration. I have gently been working on my husband to take over the room he watches TV in for a craft room for me. I have my desk and computer set up in the kitchen nook and could also move that to the new "creative" room and then turn the nook into the pantry work area. Oh that is such a good idea. Now do you think I can convince my husband to move out of that room? I don't know, but once the weather is nice and he is out in the yard working I will try again.

Pearl Maple

All great ideas, thanks for sharing the inspiration with us all.

Kim of Thistle Dew Mercantile

What a wonderful pantry Clarice! I'd love to move my washer & dryer (which is under the stairs, in the kitchen) and have a huge pantry, but that will have to wait quite a while. We did some cubbie renovations a year or so ago, which gave me more pantry space, and we convinced Hubby to remove the dishwasher (which Kate & I never used!) to put in a small pantry area. That has been wonderfully handy... it holds jars of all our special flours and baking ingredients!

Kim :-)


Your pantry is so charming, Clarice! I'm glad you gave us another peek at it!


What great ideas! Is that a silicon muffin pan? Do you like it? I've always wondered how they would be to use.


Hi Clarice,

What a wonderful post! I absolutely adore your pantry area! It's so vintagey sweet !! and now you have me hungry to bake :) I love the labels on your glass jars too, I see one from Susan Branch, I love that one! Thanks for inspiring me !!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend sweetie!

Hugs, Cynthia

country mouse

I've always loved your ability to incorporate what you already have into your routine rather than buying something new. Especially when money's tight : ) I would *never* have thought to use a dresser as part of the kitchen. Brilliant!!!


You have so many great ideas! Love them all!
Thanks for your inspiration!


Clarice, these are all wonderful ideas, and I thank you for sharing them.


What a nice pantry you have. Very inspiring. My old Hoosier cabinet houses all of my baking items. But I can never seem to remember which measuring cups are for dry and which are for liquid ingredients!!!


Hi Clarice. I don't think I have ever been envious of someone's pantry before but I am now! What a fabulous idea and how well arranged yours is. I think it would almost be worth building an extentnsion onto an already overfull kitchen just to acquire one. I've tagged you on my post today as I'm sure your 'baking pantry' should be seen by as many bloggers as possible. The tagging game is a bit of fun but it can be time consuming so I'll quite understand if you don't want to paticipate. (The rules of the game are at the bottom of my post). Here in the UK we've been hearing all about the plane crash on the Hudson River. So nice to have good news for a change with a happy ending. It is indeed a miracle. Have a nice weekend, love Eli



Great motivator to get the baking bug going.
I use the big glass jars too and yes I agree easy to get in and out.
Any ideas on where to place your cookbooks?
I have a large collection and have minimal pantry space. I've been pondering the thought for years.

Great post!

Jill xoo


Love all your vintage goodies!

Lavender Dreamerl

What a wonderful post and good ideas for the coming year. I have always been a firm believer in a well organized kitchen. I don't stack my bowls even! lol I keep everything accessible that I use all the time and move other things to the higher shelves. I like your idea of wet and dry measuring cups. I'm going to do that! I've never thought of that before! I have foccacia bread rising right now in my kitchen aid mixer. I love to bake bread! And now that bakery bread is so expensive, it's another good reason. Thank you!

Junie Moon

I think your blog is ever so grand and truly enjoy visiting with you. And I do love your pantry posts and always learn something helpful I can put into practice myself. Your pantry organization is exquisite and I just want to get to work right away with the measuring cups and flour. Thanks, Clarice!

Cathy Santarsiero

I adore your pantry, Clarice! My grandfather had a little milk glass salt shaker with the windmill on it. I think Auberne made excellent birthday menu choices, as well! xo

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Sorry to say that I missed your previous posting on this Pantry plan. But oh what a marvelous, marvelous idea, this is! Well, ideas/plural. You have so many marvelous ideas, in this one entry.

What an inspiration!

Aunt Amelia
"Good champagne can certainly
be aged and will improve for ten years or longer. The bubbles become tinier and more plentiful, the aroma fruitier."
~~Frédérique Bavert


What a great idea, Clarice. Where do you have this set up - did you use your dining room, or a corner of your kitchen? I guess I could go back to your original post and check it out myself (giggle).
It reminds me of the Little House book - by the Shores of Silver Lake, I think, where the Ingalls family lived in the surveyor's house and there was a pantry in it. I've been enchanted with the idea ever since!


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