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Tea cabnit6 

I was reorganizing my tea cabinet yesterday, so I could fit in the two new cups I got. In the end it still looks just like the jumbled mess it was before. But this cabinet is soo me, I am organized chaos ;-)

Tea cabnit3 

This built-in cabinet with the leaded glass door, is one of the first things that made my jaw drop, when we looked at our house. The inside was painted pink, of course, Mrs. Mathews loved pink. I add a zillion coats of copper and pearl paint. I wanted it to look like the inside on a mother of pearl shell. It did not turn out perfectly, like I imagined. But I try to embrace, what I do and be satisfied.

Tea cabnit5 

There is a jumble of doll champagne glasses, hand pained china, baby pictures, pink jeweled fruit, sea shells, fairy chair.

Tea cabnit2 

Crowns, old flowers, broken china, dolls. So many bits and bobs. I bet if you play I-spy, some of you will see tokens of friendships from you. To me this jumbled mess, organized chaos shows who I am, what I hold dear in my heart, what I treasure, better then anything xoxoxoxo

Tea cabnit4 


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the pleasures of homemaking

First I love that cabinet! I would kill for a built in like that. I love all the things in your cabinet - it doesn't look messy. It all seems to work together. Very pretty chaos I say!



I love your organized chaos and I totally covet your china cabinet. Gorgeous!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Clarice, I think your cabinet looks wonderful and you have it all displayed so beautifully! You really have some sweet treasures there in your pretty cabinet.



I love your tea cabinet Clarice. Its just my sort of thing and what a wonderful place to keep all those treaures. They fit beautifully. Yes, that cabinet would have certainly sold me the house for sure. Wonderful! Eli


Hi Clarice, Happy New Year!
You have such a pretty collection and you're very gifted at arranging and making organized chaos look so beautiful! I wish you lived close by, I need so much help organizing & displaying my chaos :)
God bless,



Your collection looks lovely and not chaos at all!
How lucky you are to have such an amazing display nook within your storybook home.

Jill xoo


Your collection is gorgeous! Collecting it is a real pleasure.



I think your mess is delightful! Is the bride and groom piece from your wedding cake?


I love it! my built in is what sold me on our home as well! I house all of my Pistoulet dishes and desert plates in it.


I love that china cabinet! And all of your treasures too! It is a world unto it's self!
have a happy week!~Smiles~Tam!

Gumbo Lily

I have a tea cupboard much like this. I like its organized chaos, but it definitely needs a little "love" from me. This month is kitchen/dining room month and I hope to clean and arrange it soon.

I wish I had such a lovely tea cabinet as you do. It's beautiful, and I like all the bits and bobs.



I think all your things in that cabinet are wonderful! I collect tea cups, pots, anything tea related and I wish I had a built in cabinet like yours for it all! Enjoy!


I keep my china closet exactly the same as you do. It contains all my treasures --- dried petals, gems, pictures, cards, teacups. Love your china closet!!!!



I see a whole other level on that top shelf! You just need some glass candlestix, of the same height, and some pieces of glass to use as shelves. Set them atop (or even glue the glass to the candlestix) and you'll have another level to fill! :-)


When I was a small child, my babysitter had the most amazing house. In between the livingroom and dining room were 2 built-in cabinets with glass doors on both sides filled with treasures! They were about 4 ft. tall, so a lot of "stuff" was right on my level. I have a feeling that babysitter thought I was the easiest child in the world to watch because I used to sit and stare at all of her pretties, much like yours are pictured here. Two times she let me choose something from her shelves, with her approval. Both times I chose animals and I still have them! My mom says I was born a pack rat, but I am telling you, if I were Stewart Little, I'd live in your cupboard!



when i saw the name of your blog, i HAD to check it out. very fun and cute!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic

Doll Champagne glasses... Oh aren't they just the sweetest things. :-)

And if your style is organized chaos, then it's perfect that you know it and embrace it. It seems wise to me, for all to know their style, and to fully embrace it.

"Cookie cutter molds" are only good for making cookies. Not for making people's choices. ,-)

Aunt Amelia
"On the wind of January
Down flits the snow
Travelling from the frozen North
As cold as it can blow."
~~Christina Rossetti


Ooh...it's not a mess at all! Everything is so pretty and I love how everything is set up! Happy New Year!


It's charming and cottagey and all the prettiness works together!


Lynda G Key

I can only Fantasize about Organizing My Chaos so prettily.

*you are SOOOOO Talented*

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