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Lavender Pear Oatmeal

Lavender pear oatmeal 

I love oatmeal, it is a cheap meal. But lets face it, it is a little boring. I have been trying to kick-up my oatmeal lately. This weeks oatmeal is topped with dried pears (I dried myself, you could use fresh pears too), toasted pecans, drizzled with lavender honey and heavy cream. The lavender with the sweet pears and toasty pecan, perfect. I wondered what I will come up with next week ;-)

La-Tea-Dah has a wonderful post on how to make lavender honey. It is a little different then I do, but until I write a post, check out La-Tea-Dah's version. Remember life is too short to eat boring food xoxoxox


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the pleasures of homemaking

I eat oatmeal almost every day in the winter and I always put stuff in it. One thing I always add though is a bit of protein powder. I find that just oatmeal isn't enough protein to keep me full until lunch.


Lavender Dreamerl

I LOVE this post...because I LOVE oatmeal! I always put lots of goodies on my oatmeal. This morning I had fresh blueberries, flax seeds and walnuts on mine but one of the easiest things you can do is an idea from my son. He is a 'health nut' and eats whole grains, fresh fruit, etc. soon as you start cooking your oats (if it's the 5 minute old fashioned type), peel and cut a quarter of an apple into the cooking oats. The apples cook just enough and oh my! Sprinkle some cinnamon in and it's so yummy! I'll try your suggestions, too! Thanks!


I have oatmeal every morning…
I too add a little something each morning, this morning it was strawberries and tomorrow it will be pecans and a touch of french vanilla.
You bowl it very pretty; maybe I should invest in a pretty oatmeal bowl…


Clarice, I'm not an oatmeal fan but you made me what to make some and eat it just by your description!!


Isn't that the truth?
Life is too short to eat boring food.
You are very creative!!!
Hope you are having a great week,

Gumbo Lily

Cute bowl and I think I could eat everything in the bowl but I'm not one for lavender in my food. Cleaning - yes, eating - no.

I like dried cranberries, nuts and brown sugar in my oatmeal.



Yummy!! oh that looks so delicious Clarice! I love the bowl also :)!

I love the post before this too! such pretty things you have sweetie!! thanks so much for visiting, I love coming to your cottagey sweet page too!!

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Cynthia


I love oats. Dd has porridge pretty much every morning (either with sultanas or other dried fruit, banana, or if she's lucky a spoonful of jam).

I mix up mine with various seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower, nuts and dried fruit with rice milk :0)

The lavender honey sounds lovely.

Junie Moon

I like oatmeal, too, as long as I can add stuff to it. Your concoction sounds almost magical to me--I love all the ingredients you've added and am going to give this a go for myself. Yummy! Thank you!


This sounds very good. I love pears, and I love honey too. Did you see the new issue of Mary Janes Farm? It's about honey too!


Mmm, looks yummy! What a pretty bowl. I'm in a breakfast rut ~ thanX for the suggestion.


Try to roast the oatmeal in a pan, and then add a little honey to the hot oatmeals! They will be lovely crispy. Eat with nuts, fruit and some yogurth!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Yummy! I haven't had breakfast yet either, so off I go for some oatmeal! Lavender honey sounds delish!!!



I will try some lavender honey on my oatmeal! Thanks for the mention :)


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