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Greenwood Sisters

Heart 2 

Blue scarf 1 

Red flower

My girls, Auberne` and Chloe, have opened an Etsy shop, Greenwood Sisters. There will only be a few items listed at a time. I will post here every time they list new items. This time there are wool heart softies, organic cotton finger-knitted scarfs by Auberne. Chloe needle-felted flower pins. We are all new to this etsy thing, if you see anything at the shop that does not look right or a better way to do it, please let me know. Thank you xoxox


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Wow they are so cute!! I LOVE the wool heart!! Best of luck in their new endeavour!!

Gemma x x


how fun!!!
somehow I've been missing your bloglines hasn't told me you've I meandered over here to find out why you haven't been around...a lo and behold you've been here all along :) ...okay...I'm off to check out all that I've missed!


Hi Clarice,
That is great news!!
Good for them.
They do have very cute things.


This is exciting news! I wish them all sorts of good luck on their endeavor. They certainly make lovely things.


I'm so excited for the girls, what fun!

I'll have to take a look at Etsy.

Jill xoo

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Just too cute!!! I like the felted flower that looks like heart petals!!! Best wishes for your daughters' new endeavor. ETSY is pretty "user friendly" as I have found.



That wonderful!!!
I remember a couple of us girls sitting on our street corner with a little table set up. We were trying to sell handmade yarn
Things have advanced since then.


Best of luck to the girls!


Congratulations girls, keep up the good work. You can see my etsy shop at rememberyrchildhood as the username. Right now I haven't done much with it but I will eventually. Love you all. Christy


I just checked out the shop and it looks wonderful! They are two very talented young ladies! I love the name too! Perfect!


Best wishes to the girls! Their creations are beautiful,

the pleasures of homemaking

Good luck to your girls! They're both so creative and talented that I'm sure they'll do really well.


Aunt Amelia's Attic

Best of luck to them, with their brand new Etsy Shop!

It looks fine to me. Only one thing, did you mean to show the scarf in blue, and in another color, too? Maybe...

Aunt Amelia
"In the garden mystery glows/
the secret is hidden in the rose--"
~Farid od-Din 'Attar


How eXciting for the girls (young ladies)! I know neXt to nothing about Etsy, but looks to me like they're off to a great start. Happy Grand Opening and best wishes for great success!

PS: love the name too


what lovely things...

Good luck...

Junie Moon

How wonderful they've opened an Etsy shop. Not only can they feature and sell their work, but they'll learn so much from the experience. And their business name sounds lovely and reminescent of stories like Anne of Green Gables, A Secret Garden, and so on--I love that.



Lavender Dreamerl

Thanks for the link! Love pretty unique things!


You must be so proud of those girls! They've got some neat things in their shop and I wish them all the best on their entrepreural venture.



Everything looks wonderful. Good luck. Grandma

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