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Candy-Cane Soaked Cake

Heart cakee

    We have been enjoying the candy cane syrup on chocolate mouse, in hot chocolate, over vanilla ice cream but I wanted to come up with some more recipes. I was thinking about those cakes that you soak with a lemon sauce and thought, why could I not do the same with this. I made the mayo chocolate cake.  Hot right out of the over, I carefully poked holes all around the cake, then I just keep spooning the candy cane syrup over the cake until it looked like I had coated the whole cake. I will say, you will be surprised how much syrup that cake can absorbed. I think I could have spooned more syrup over the cake, so be generous.  It was yummy and the syrup made the cake really moist.

Heart cake

How to do a heart stencil :

It is really easy, just fold a paper in half and cut out half a heart, open paper and set on cake. Sift powdered sugar over the opening and carefully lift the paper away.

Another tip, I have a heart silicon pan. I LOVE baking with silicon. It is a little different and does take a bit to get use to. The big thing is you let the baked item cool, so you can roll the pan away from the cake. Target has heart cake pans in their $2.50 section, so run to Target xox


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I just LOVE the concept of pouring candy cane syrup through poke holes in of all things, Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake, Clarice. How utterly clever and I'm sure!!!

Thanks so much for sharing...


That sounds so yummy, Clarice. Would you believe it, I was thinking about how good it must be long after I clicked away. :)

Jean Tuthill

The cake sounds delicious. I have made the mayo cake many times, it's really moist and wonderful. I can imagine how good it is with the candy cane syrup poured over it! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Clarice

There's an award waiting for you on my blog. :)

Gemma x x


Hello Solarry, I am commenting here because I have no e-mail to write you. Thank you for such a kind note. It is lovely to hear my blog has inspired you because that is the whole point. Please let us know when you have started your blog. It is a wonderful, creative outlet. I am glad you and your children are having tea, I think it makes life calmer and sweeter. Thank you about my home, I feel pretty blessed and never would have thought I would be able to live in such a charming home. xoxoxo Clarice


i found your blog through the sommerset magazine and i have spent the last couple of days reading your blog from start to finish, all i can say is wow.
how much i have missed out in the blog world.
you have inspired me in so many ways from finally starting a new blog, cooking from scratch again too making sure i take more time to create.
thank you so much, it fit right in with what i've been wanting to do but kept giving up on. my kidlets and i have been having tea time for a few weeks now and i really do think they benifit from it, plus they love it. you've inspired me to not only keep it up but enhance it in so many ways.

thank you, thank you....

btw i am so jealous of your abode, its just the sort of place i would love to live in.


We have silicon cupcake holders. I love them!! Have you ever thought about starting your own bakery or maybe making some thing to put into a local one. You come up with the most wonderful sounds and unusal desserts. Candy cane soaked cake! Yum


oh Clarice...this little heart cake looks so very good, we'll have make one this weekend. Chocolate wih anything is pretty good, your cake is beautiful.

Laura of Harvest Lane

I'm adding your blog to my blog list. I've been reading it on and off for awhile. I want to make sure I don't miss anything.

I have some leftover candy canes. I think maybe I'll try some of your syrup.

Thanks for sharing. Come by for a visit!


What a pretty cake..
Many years ago, I use to make a triple chocolate cake. The only time I made this cake was on Valentines Day….
I used heart pans and added chocolate leaves; however, I love the stencil idea…


What a creative idea.

Jill xoo


Oh Clarice!

That looks fabulous!! and the ingredients sound like moist heaven too! :)

the pleasures of homemaking

I've wondered about those silicon pans. That sounds like a delicious cake and it's pretty too! BTW your blog is still not updating on Bloglines


Aunt Amelia's Attic

What a wonderful idea, for something very, very different for Valentine Day. :-)

I'm not that skilled with cake baking, so I'll not even try for a silicon pan. But I'm sure many of your readers will have learned a new baking tip here. And put it to good use.

Around here, today would be a day for a Snow Man Cake! ,-)

Aunt Amelia
"... Sleigh ride for snow nymphs"


Loved your mayo cake, BTW. So easy and so good! (Ralph was cautious. "Mayo in a cake?" He said. "Weird." Yeah, and guess who ate it all?...)And I'm sure it would be even better with this lovely syrup! Guilding the lily? Yup. Yum!!! xooxox

Mica Garbarino

MMMMMMM ! sounds great, looks lovely ! Will have to try it out ! Thanks, Mica


What an interesting and yummy sounding recipe! You are coming up with some great uses for that syrup you made! Thanks for sharing-and have a wonderful Wednesday!~Smiles~Tam!


OK, that looks really good. Now I'm hungry! Great idea, by the way! ~Lori

Gumbo Lily

Good idea, Clarice! I am "one of those people" who cannot tip out a bundt cake without leaving part of it in the pan. (so frustrating!) Is the silicon better or will I have trouble with that too? Any tips.



I like silicon too! It makes cakes (especially ones with different shapes). YUM!

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