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Where Else Can I Put A Pom-Pom ?

Cany cane table 

In November I just made a bunch of pom-poms and rose'ets with really not any specific ideas. I just wanted them on hand and I knew I would find a way to use them. I set them in among a bowl of ornaments.

Pom pom banner 

Tied them to a big bow. (Isn't that stocking cute. Sorry, it was Auberne` who made it for her dad last year, I had to mama brag)

Pom pom banner 2

To keep in the yarn theme, Auberne` finger-knitted me a length to use as garland. It turned out great, smart idea. Thank you sweetie xoxox   

Candy cane softe 

I thought I would share my candy cane softie., I have not made a softie before and probably will not again. As you can see, I am not very good at it. But since I believe it is the process of trying something, that is important, not the end results. I am sharing it with all of you !!!

Pom pom tag 

Of course pom-poms make great bows on packages. Here I added on to a rose'et. Not bad for $5.00 worth of yarn.

We have had snow, ice, cold and I guess we are in for a big whooper of a storm this weekend. I am hoping to gets some posts written and ready to go today. But if for some reason, I do not post, it is because of the storm. I hope it is not too bad, our Christmas eve is Monday. Thank you for all the well wishes. I am slowly feeling better. Have a cookie and think of me  xoxox


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Jennifer Paganellli

unbeatable charm!!!


Dear Clarice,
How clever you are! The bathroom is one spot that gets overlooked in our house's decorating scheme. Maybe it would be kept cleaner if it were more festive?!

Everything looks so lovely, and we (my girls and I ) LOVE the owls-they remind us of Tasha Tudor.



Susan P.

I just love seeing all of your wonderful ideas for Christmas, Clarice! Thank you so much for sharing with all your blog friends:) I want to wish you and your dear family a most blessed and merry Christmas! See you in the New Year!


Thanks for sharing pics of your holiday decorations, they're just lovely!

I thing your pompoms are fab, but I LOVE those ripple potholders. I've searched the entire web and can't find any patterns...did you make them? They're so cute, I'd love to get my hands on a pattern!

Merry Christmas and Wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!

Selia Renzetti


Love the stocking and the finger knitting! Your girls are so, so talented! I love the candy cane softie and think it is adorable! (I don't know what a softie is?) I hope you are feeling better! My computer has been down and I am catching up!



Excellent ideas! I've not made pom-poms since my Brownie days. And that's longer ago than I care to remember! Hope your on the mend for the Holidays.

Alia @ A Cosy Life


All of your Christmas pictures are great! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and your weather is not too bad. (It's been around 70 lately in my little part of NC. Not very Christmassy.)


I had a cookie and thought of you! It was chocolate chip and gluten free --- delicious!

I love your Christmas decor! All the pom poms looks beautiful --- I love your staircase.

I would kinda like to go back in time and grow up with you as my mom!!!!!!



The pom pom looks great as a bow! My grandma used to put them on all our little booties that she made. Merry Christmas!

Lavender Dreamerl

Thanks for the pom pom help! Hope you are feeling better each day! Merry Christmas! Stay warm!

Lavender Dreamerl

I can't believe I don't even know HOW to make a pom pom....I have yarn! I'll try to figure it out! Thanks for the link! Your decorations are so pretty! Love all the red!


I am sooo loopy, it is Auberne` who made the stocking. Wonderful job dear xoxoxox Mom


Oooh, I LOVE LOVE that pom-pom rosette -- very cute! Good luck with the storm -- we got one last night -- tons of ice and what a mess the yard is with broken tree limbs. I'm hoping for snow, not ice next time!

the pleasures of homemaking

Oh, you know I totally agree that it's the process that's important - it's cute btw! Love Chole's stocking that she made and Auberne's finger knitted garland (how do you do that?). You have such talented girls - like their Momma!



What a wonderful idea, your decorations look lovely. I have so many odd bit of yarn from when I was rug hooking that I may now find a use for.


what great Pom pom ideas..

Love Chloe's finger-crocheted garland, very clever...everything looks great...

Cathy Santarsiero

Dear Clarice, Oh I love your pom poms and all of your decorations! So cheery. Feel better, sweetie. xo Cat ^..^

Gumbo Lily

I love everything you do. Chloe's finger-crocheted garland is cute and so's the stocking for DAD. And I love your pom poms and even your candy cane softie. Most softies I've seen are purposefully NOT perfect. I like that.

I here now dub you "The Christmas Queen!"

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Clarice, I hope you will feel better soon. Being sick is never fun and at Christmas it's worse.
I love your pompoms and rosettes - so cheery.

Yes, another storm is on its way. I know it makes things messy, but I love the white snow. Today is sunny and bright here in Victoria with the snow glistening everywhere. Just like a living Christmas card!

Have a wonderful, merry Christmas.


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