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Raspberry Meringue Trifle

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I hope you had a lovely, peaceful Christmas. Ours was, thankgoodness. I have a cold but was still able to enjoy it all. For News Years Eve, I am planning to make a raspberry meringue trifle. I love the idea of the crunchy meringues, with the creamy pastry cream and the not to sweet raspberries. Throw in a bit of chocolate and I think it will be heaven.

Yes, one more tree. I am out of control, I know. This is my library tree. I used my houses and red transfer-wear. It is very libaryish !!!!

Raspberry Meringue Trifle

meringue cookies (I like the mini vanilla ones at Trader Joe's)

pastry cream *

fresh raspberries

grated bittersweet chocolate

In  deep dish or trifle dish, lay 1/3 of meringues and 1/3 of the pastry cream. Sprinkle some raspberries and grated chocolate. Repeat two more times. Make 8 hours early, to let all the ingredients meld.

*Pastry Cream

1 quart whole milk

12 egg yokes, you could use the whites to make the meringue cookies

1 1/2 cup sugar

pinch of salt

2 TBL. Grand Marnier or orange liquor or orange juice

In a large heavy sauce pan or double boiler, but has to be big enough to hold all the milk and eggs (mine is not) or a large metal bowl over a pan.

Whisk together egg yokes and sugar. Then slowly whisk in milk. Set on med. heat (but not too high, you want to simmer, not boil) and keep whisking till cream thickens. About 4-6 minutes or so. If not thickening, then you can turn the heat up more. Just keep stiring and do not leave it. If you think the eggs ended up forming lumps, then just run the sauce through a sieve to catch them.

Pull off heat and add liquor. Pour in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap, so that it sits on the surface. Refrige till cool. Best to be made the day before, so it can really cool. Can be made several days ahead.  


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Hope you are feeling better now. Happy New Year Clarice. I hope 2009 is wonderful for you and yours.

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Sounds absolutely delightful Clarice! Thank you for posting it for us. :)


That recipe sounds so yummy! The tree is beautiful-glad you had a good Christmas dispite the cold! Get better soon!
Happy New Year!

Sherri McDermitt

You can never have too many Christmas trees! I love your "libraryish" one! Enjoy your New Year celebration!

Sharon D

Oh Clarice!

I hope that you are feeling better.

I think I may need to make this for our anniversary in January :) Thanks again for a great recipe.


I hope you have a wonderful 2009!!!!



Trifles are so festive, don't you think?
Merry Christmas, Clarice!

the pleasures of homemaking

Such a cute tree! Hope you feel better soon!


Pearl Maple

Yum that sounds tasty.
Merry Christmas to you and your family, hope the season is full of good things for you all.

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