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Christmas child cab 

Some more corners of my home. I almost sorry I gave Chloe this metal child's china cabinet. I am sooooo in-love with it. She was kind of enough to let me "borrow" it for Christmas.  Do you see the rhinestone Santa. My MIL gave that to me when David and I were dating. She said it screamed me. That tell you a lot about the princess I use to be. I almost remember that girl ;-p

Paula christmas quilt

I have made it a rule now to not post gifts I get (it got tooo crazy) but some gifts are just to wonderful and have a lot of work and time put into them, to not be shared.This mini-Wee Wonderful quilt by Paula is one of them. Look at this, isn't it just smashing. Paula, had asked me all about my theme this year and sent me this. It is amazing and Paula is amazing to have made it. Plus, it was my colors, classic red and green, candy canes , yo-yo (which is a ornament and I pinned it to the quilt) and Wee Wonderful. Thank you sweetie for being so generous with me and all the work you put into this. It is perfect (and you stiching is soo straight) I love it xoxoxox


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Sweet Cottage Dreams

GASP! I LOVE the metal cabinet and every single thing around it and on it from the redwork to the cone santas! OH MY! You have some reallly cute things!


Junie Moon

The whole picture is fabulous (I saw it on Facebook, too). It's just beautiful.


Hi Clarece. I've not been around for a few days and it looks like I've been missing loads. I love your gorgeous reds everywhere, you definitely have a theme going there. Chloe's cabinet looks great. One day I reckon she'll tell you she's too old for it and would you like it back!! Meanwhile just kep borrowing it when the mood takes you. Have fun! Eli


Dear Clarice,

You are so very welcome! Thank you for your kind words! I am so happy you liked the little "wee wonderful" quilt and yo-yo I made for you!

I just love your redwork quilt, the child's metal china cabinet (sweet Chloe!), and all the Christmas decorations! Those red clogs are perfect! You have a gift for decorating! The whole vignette is gorgeous!

Love, Paula

Mari at Once Upon a Plate

Cute, Cute, Cute! I love red too, it's so cheerful and charming.

Your vignette is adorable, and so is your sweet gift! Very nice. :) xoxo ~m.

the pleasures of homemaking

You know I have my eye on the piece of redwork behind the cabinet (which looks great) LOL!

That mini quilt is just the most adorable thing! I love the colors and fabrics and of course the stitching! She's amazing!



Lavender Dreamerl

I keep trying to see MORE! Love everything...
my eyes are drawn to all the RED!

Gumbo Lily

The red wooden shoes scream at me! Yes, you were a princess and now The Queen!!

What a sweet gift. I stitched 3 of those Wee Wonderful Elves onto Christmas stockings for 3 wonderful babies this winter. Love it.


country mouse

I love the detail of the wooden clogs next to the china cabinet. It's little things like that I would never think of--I learn from you, o master : )


What a wonderful gift, and it's perfect for your theme. I really like it, and that charming display. I love Santa, and I love the Scandanavian traditions at Christmas time. Oh how they love and celebrate it! In mostly simple ways. I know quite a few older folks in the Ballard area who would love to see this display. I love the shoes, and that little ornament hanging on the front of the cupboard is the perfect touch too!


Oooh I love that big redwork piece in your beautiful corner! And lucky you -- that little wonderful is adorable!

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