Pom-pom Garland
Christmas House Find


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Dear Clarice,
Your kitchen tree is so pretty! I love the old tin!
Love, Paula


How cute! I love the color combination on the tree! Are your kitchen cabinets pink? So pretty!


A kitchen tree....thats the last place I'd have thought to put one. Looks fabulous!


What a wonderful tree! So cute!


So adorable and homey!

Can you believe the temperatures we're going to be getting this week?


So adorable and homey!

Can you believe the temperatures we're going to be getting this week?

Pearl Maple

Cute tree, it is lovely when people take the time to make their decorations or have them reflect the flavour of their home.

Thank you for sharing.


Very cute! Love the base you used. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!



I always love it when you share your little kitchen tree!
I'm quite fond of the tin the tree is sitting in.

Jill xoo


It's lovely :) I'm slowly trying to work on my festive spirit, I'm not quite feeling it yet. Your kitchen tree is wonderful and I also like the Swedish horse in the window (I really need to get around to getting some, I've loved them for years).


What a charming tree. I love the YO-YO ornaments, that is a wonderful idea.
I also love the base..that is a great look.



The kitchen tree is really cute! I love it!

Karen B

I love your blue and red little Christmas tree, especially the beautiful cannister. I have decorated a lot this year with blue also. It's my favorite color combination, well lately anyway. Very nice job!

Karen B

This is my favorite color combination of all time. Well, lately anyway. I've also decorated my Christmas this year with more blue. Your little tree is so great and I especially love the big soda cannister. Fabulous!


Your kitchen tree is adorable! I love the blue and red colors --- the shapes, textures, and all the pretties.



Oh. So. Cute! And I love the tree base!!!


Love it!

Gumbo Lily

Cuter than the Dickens!
I like the rick rack and yo yo's.



The teal blue and red go so well together. My daughter has a red shirt that she wears with a teal sweater and it is so striking. Beautiful tree!

Are you ready for the storm?

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