Snow Day

I Can Not Leave One Spot Undecorated

Christmas bathroom

Well I had promised my hubby after last years pink Christmas, no pink this year. But after I decorated the whole house, all I had left was my pink stuff. So hubby was generous to let me use pink in the bathroom ;-)

It is kind of hard to see, but the garland over the window has a piece finger knitted by Auberne`. What is cool about it, is it is pink crepe paper. It actually knitted really well. I just ran some ribbon through it and hung my vintage ornaments. It is really much prettier in person (It is soo hard to take pictures in this bathroom). Thank you again Auberne`, keep that creative brain going !!!!!

On the garland around the sink, I collected fabric gifts from you readers. Stockings, strawberries, stuffed heart, pom-pom, coasters, handkerchief holder. It actually worked really well. Thank you ladies xoxox

PS. This morning I woke up to a good 6 inchs snow and no winds. It is just stunning and we have power. This will be a perfect day !!! 

Christmas bathroom 2 

Christmas bathroom 3 

Christmas bathroom 4


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love that blue stocking..but you knew I would..


What a great idea, hanging the garland around the medicine cab.


Jill xoo

the pleasures of homemaking

Clarice - it looks just beautiful! I love the garland with the ornaments hanging off it!



Dear Clarice,
Your garland looks so pretty and I love the garland Auberne` knitted, it looks so lovely!

Your entryway is lovely too. I love the sweet owls!
Love, Paula

Junie Moon

It's all so beautiful and a lovely day of snow as an extra bonus--what a great day for you.


Wonderful Clarice, you've been busy for weeks and its nearing perfection. Pink I like, but I draw the line at black and white which is popular in a few places here. Have a great Christmas with your family.


nice little blog ... I am about to start (hopefully) a 'Love letters, I love letters' tuesday on my blog. My art is made from kids books and inspired by old story books. I thought you might be interested in the following ... I want cool, arty bloggers to post me a letter or postcard or something arty with words and each week i will profile them ... let me know if you are interested


Your home looks lovely, Clarice!! The pics on this post and the previous one are great. I especially love all of your owls and your bottle brush trees:)
Merry Christmas!


Just wanted to stop by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. Your home is so lovely and your Christmas menu looks divine!

Amy (SimpleFolk)


That was nice of hubby to let you use the pink in the bathroom! I love the garland!


Has she seen that old somerset life article with the crepe paper? I vaguely remember crepe paper knitting in there. Maybe a cone? It was way cool. (As is her "garland!")

Sweet Cottage Dreams

I love your garland and all of the sweet ornaments that you have hanging on them. It is all so pretty! Great bathroom, too!

Ok, I am off to enjoy more of your blog. Grabbing my second cup of coffee first!

Thank you for visiting me.

Have a Merry Christmas!!



The finger knitted garland is so unique - I love it. What skillful daughters you are raising!

We're snowed in here, too. It is so beautiful. I'm going out to take pictures after I finish my cup of tea.

Enjoy your day!


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