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Gingerbread Tags

Gingerbread tags 

I am stuck on the couch with a cold, yuckkkk. So I am trying to do Christmas stuff, while passed out. I am making Gingerbread Tags, soooo easy. Just take a cookie cutter, trace out the shape. To make the buttons, use the eraser on a pencil and some red paint. We also ran around the edges, a chalk pastel to give it a more finished look  xoxoxox


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Oh-o-o-o, you poor snuffly-one! I wish I could bring you some of my warm Ginger-Lemon-Honey drink that warms you on the inside and "cures the ickies quickly", as my kids used to say.
Keep warm and toasty in all that snow.
I do hope you will have regained your strength by the time you need it for those wonderful Christmas menus. ;o)


I hope you are feeling better...
what cute tags...


Junie Moon

What adorable tags, this is such a great idea to do. You are so clever! And I love the Christmas menus you posted, ever so pretty and yummy.


I hope you feel better soon!!!

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